What is TeachKloud?

TeachKloud is founded by Wendy Oke, a PHD-graduate from Cork-University in early childhood education in management & compliance software.

Comprising of two apps, TeachKloud has one teacher and one parents app. The app makes it easy to streamline work like attendance tracking, staff scheduling, procedures & planning, teaching plan, etc. The app is a one-way solution to keep effective communication between parents and teachers.

The motivation behind launching TeachKloud!

While doing a Ph.D. in early childhood care, Wendy Oke, the founder of TeachKloud, perceived that teachers in the early childhood sector of Europe were more flooded with paperwork regarding compliance than focusing on children’s learning.

She realized a need for a solution that could make a teacher’s job easier. On her voyage to change the situation of early childhood educators in Europe, she knew a technology-based solution would be a perfect way out. TeachKloud is now Europe’s top compliance & management software for early childhood education.

Our Involvement

We started with thorough research about the app owing to the wide network of preschools in Europe. Followed by modifying the entire existing software to a new robust app.

Before associating with Cerdonis, TeachKloud operated on a hosted website for 300+ schools that required large-scale improvement. Cerdonis was very quick & steadfast in solving all the persisting problems in TeachKloud. Due to their efficient development process, we are now live with our amazing software! We must say Cerdonis is not just an app development company but our extended team.

App features

  • One in all app for the early childhood care
    sector - covers everything from attendance tracking to daily reporting.
  • AApp regulated through EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) privacy policy.
  • Staff check-in & check-out for a regulated timesheet.
  • Access to staff roster for organized work structure.
  • Push notification service for teachers to update parents about essential announcements.
  • In-app payment integration system.
  • Customized learning materials as per child’s interest.
  • Smooth flow of images, videos, and documents between parents & teachers app.
  • Cloud-based app for easy store of information.

Teachers app

Parents app

Achievements & recognitions

  • Raised €750,000 through Dublin-based Kick-starter platform.
  • Featured as a ‘Top Startup’ by Silicon Valley.
  • Picked as a prominent startup in Forbes 30 under 30 Rising Business Star list.
  • Acknowledged as a national finalist in Ireland’s Best Young Entrepreneur competition.