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Android is an operating system specially created for touch screen devices, primarily mobile devices and tablets. We are Cerdonis Technologies LLC,
a trusted Android app development company in the USA, leading with a team of 25+ Android developers, talented in creating top-notch mobile app development solutions. Get unparallel Android app development services and invest in app ideas that your users will surely love to use.

Your Reliable Android App Development Partner

The process of creating an application for the Android operating system is known as Android app development. Looking for a trustworthy Android development company for your business or startup app idea. Consider Cerdonis Technologies LLC. We established ourselves in the mobile app market in the year 2015, and since then, there's been no going back. Being recognized as USA's best mobile app development company and gathering many feathers to our cap throughout the years, we have indeed been a reliable Android app development firm to clients worldwide.

From creating custom Android apps for top brands to helping businesses become brands, our powerful, diverse portfolio consists of many custom mobile apps. At Cerdonis, our Android specialists are always ready to assist you with their expertise and experience to bring your business's innovative application idea to life. Blending their well-gained knowledge with your well-thought creative idea, our expert mobile developer can assure you a valuable, scalable, and next-gen Android solution. Connect & partner with us - a firm that creates meaningful experiences.

Benefits of an Android app for your business

The ultimate goal of your business is to forge valuable relationships and generate revenue. Organizations and companies must include different creativity to grab the user’s attention and convert leads into sales. This is where Android mobile app development holds the most prominent among all the OS, with over 2.5 Billion active Android users present worldwide. Today, Android OS is regarded as having the most popularity, with a whopping 1840 Android apps added to the Google Play Store every day, 2x more compared to only 801 apps deployed on Apple Store daily.

What makes it even more significant is that with Android, you have massive custom reach in your stride, along with faster software deployment and flawless customizations. Businesses and organizations must take advantage of Android mobile app development with the many benefits of developing an Android and turning them into a profitable way to generate more ROIs while offering users impactful Android mobile and web apps. Choosing an Android platform for native development offers business heads a budget-friendly option to develop apps.

No Google Play Store Publishing fee

Play Store is one of the biggest app download platforms, boasting 3.48 million apps. It gives users a wide section of custom Android apps to be downloaded. What's more fascinating is - while submitting the app on Google Play Store, one only has to pay a one-time fee of $25, whereas while launching your app on iOS, you will have to pay $99 yearly. However, with us as your delivery partner, you don't even have to pay the $25, as the entire process of publishing is carried out by us.

Lower development investments, higher Return on Investments. (ROIs)

One of the reasons why Android remains the top choice for users and entrepreneurs is the lower development cost but higher Return on Investments. The easy availability of Android SDKs has facilitated easy testing of the application on all Android devices. Moreover, the material designs of the Android SDKs can easily be leveraged, which assist the Android creators in creating interactive that increases the user-engagement and offers needed benefit to owners and higher Return on Investments.

Enhanced security

When it comes to secured mobile development, Android is touted to be one of the best platforms. From security improvements to using security-enhanced Linux (SELinux), it leaves no stone unturned in providing the best security features. If you have hi-end project requirements, be at ease; you can profoundly make Android OS work in your favor. Its features & functionalities are to protect your application from malware and many computer viruses. The enhanced security and reliability Android offers can significantly benefit large-scale organizations and enterprises.


Commercially sponsored by Google, Android is the oldest operating system prevailing in the world. And undoubtedly, Android holds the rank in helping Android builders deriving many new innovative, customized techniques customized through this best OS. Over and above that, Android offers some very outstanding customization features & functionalities that work to the advantage of mobile developers to a great extent. Moreover,it will very well supports developers to a great extent. Moreover, it very well supports integrating APIs and other interactive media tools. The customization and integration features can be a tremendous advantage for enterprises aiming to reach a broader range of users through their apps.

Faster deployment

Organizations and businesses are looking forward to less development time and quicker launch to market; here, Android is good news for you. It has a rapid development cycle that lasts less than an hour, thus giving the Android experts more command over the project and a competitive advantage for entrepreneurs looking to launch their project in Reduced time to market.

360° Android app development services

Android is one of the best technologies for businesses and startups. As a top Android app development company, we ensure you get the maximum reach with our services that cover everything from Android consultancy to post-launch maintenance and support. Transforming your businesses into impressive Android apps & web apps, at Cerdonis, we imply clients choose Android mobile app development if they’re looking for a powerful native development platform.

Cerdonis Technologies LLC is a top custom software development company that provides guaranteed scalable top-notch apps. Our Android app developers, talented in full-fledged custom Android app development services from start to end, give the best quality of custom Android apps for both businesses and large firms. Fully equipped with Android NDK and Android SDK, get Android software development services that provide a seamless Android application with the best interactive designs and marvelous features.

Emerging tech consultancy for Android

We are one of the top app development companies in usa firmly believe that every vision has the potential to do big things, change the ordinary and come out as extraordinary. Need assistance in scoping your vision; here we are; our Android experts will help align your project requirements with your users' expectations and usher in a product that meets your customers' expectations. From checking the product's market fit to choosing the best technologies to back your idea, our consultants at Cerdonis will bring the best way out for you.

Android UI UX designing

An ecosystem large enough to incorporate many devices & many users, as a user-focused Android app development company, we are adept at designing applications that run smoothly on many Android devices. Our talented designers have a grip on intricately doing the UI/UX designing of various android devices that Android users mostly use and lead them to magical experiences. Our group of Android designers is maestros in creating appealing, flawless that prompt users to have meaningful, exceptional user experience.

Custom Android application development

Cerdonis is your one-stop solution to get all the customizations you want in your project. Our skilled developers are adept in custom Android app development, which includes integrating features that represent what your brand is totally about. Incorporating their expertise with your valued proposition, we are known for architecting robust, scalable solutions that guarantee you more significant ROIs. Trust us to bring your idea to life, from custom software solutions to tailor-made apps.

Android-based web solutions

Android extensively supports web applications, and as an Android development agency that follows Android studio, we have employed professional developers proficient in creating web solutions based on Android. We offer comprehensive solutions that include a web application supported by a lightweight framework that makes it easy for your web users to use your lighter version of your mobile app successfully.

Multi-platform deployment

We are one of the top Android development companies specializing in seamless app deployment integration on many platforms. Whether you want to deploy your app on a tablet, smartphone, or wearable devices, our developers are experts in securely embedding solutions to multiple platforms.

Post-launch support & maintenance

We not only help you develop your app to an excellent finish and launch it on the Google Play Store, but our android app services also extend to post-launch support & maintenance. We offer our clients three months of post-launch support & maintenance services that resolves any updates or any features you want to get integrated into your app. One of the top android companies we ensure that you have the best experience, from being your mobile application development guide to publishing to the further journey with your customers.

We develop Android apps for

We are one of the top Android app development companies that not only provide full-fledged mobile app development services but ensure that our services are user-centered and available on all devices. The apps we have orchestrated have reaped immense results for our USA clients from Chicago, New york, san Francisco, San Diego, Boston, San Jose, etc., cities. Being in the Android market for years, we are well-acquainted with what it takes to develop an excellent mobile app. Through our device-related services, we develop digital business solutions that help grow your business to the fullest.

Android smartphones

From creating feature-rich apps for Google Pixel to creating secured apps for Android OS-based smartphones, at Cerdonis, we design & develop apps that robustly blend with the smartphones' features and design. As a best app development company with a large-scale experience in iOS app development, cross-platform development, web development, and of course, android app development, we are adept at distinguishing the native OS features & functionalities that make an operating system different from others.
Our team of veteran developers at Cerdonis Technologies LLC ensures that every update from Google is well-acknowledged and all quality guidelines are taken care of. Get a secure, next-gen full-featured app solution through our android app services for mobile devices.

Android TV

We deliver meaningful relationships between you and your users. And through our value-based Android TV app development, we bring together innovative TV solutions that cater to the need of modern Millenial and Gen X users. Preeminently, let your users watch immersive AR VR content on the big screen without any breaks. We use Android 12 to deliver you an Android TV app that can be viewed 10 feet away from your users' TV and has an amplified layout that can be easily understood from a distance. In addition, we architect our TV app in a way that offers navigation with minimum buttons & has a directional pad.
Get a classic, high-performing Android TV app that will work cross-platform and give a competitive edge to your business. Our team of best mobile app developers is here to harness the potential of a power-packed library and APIs to deliver you a thrilling TV app interface.

Android wearables

Wearables are the latest to get a smart makeover. Turn your healthy living app idea into a fitness wear OS app that is incorporated with enhanced features to serve the goals of everyday life. From tracking features to checking the heart rate, we are masters in leveraging Jetpack APIS to the components of Wear featured resources. Moreover, we lead the game by keeping the users at the top by creating a wearable app that gets things done on the smaller screen with a click and swipe. Beginning from push notifications to glanceable complications, at Cerdonis, our veteran Wear OS developers are not only proficient in android app development but are lovers of those smartwatches. Lead your users to live a healthy, happy, productive life and give them an exciting experience.

Android Tablet

Surpass your users' expectations and build exclusive Android tablet apps for a unique experience. From helping your users partake in online learning to watching video tutorials with ease, we use the latest technologies and functions of Kotlin, Java, and C++ to architect an app that meets the requirements of post-pandemic life. We are a mobile app development company acclaimed for being neck to neck with the android app development company acclaimed for being neck to neck with the growing demand for tablet development. Our developers at Cerdonis excellently specialize in considering the correct screen configurations of different sizes of tablets and ensure that your app is conveniently accessible with the right fonts, layouts, and designs.

Our Android app development process

We don't merely deliver solutions; we deliver experiences that your users like to use. Behind the scenes is a well-thought-out android app development process that helps us give unmatched value to your products. We are well recognized as one of the best Android app development companies with a thorough approach to strengthening your project from planning to launch and beyond.


Analyzing your app requirements


Choosing the best Android strategies


UI/UX design of the app


Developing your app


Quality assurance


Submitting to the Play Store


Post-launch support & maintenance

Our Android app development tech stack that backs us

Harnessing the power of the latest technologies and furnishing highly interactive, fascinating solutions is what we do at Cerdonis Technologies LLC. Our ambition is to create a high-performing Android app that drives your users to fulfill your dream.

  • Java
  • Kotlin
  • Xamarin
  • C++
  • Android Studio
  • Google Fit SDK
  • Google Assistant SDK
  • Firebase
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Industries we serve for Android app development.

Android has far long been the technology that has ushered a revolution in diverse business fields. We usher in a revolution by transforming your innovative idea into all-powerful solutions that fulfill your users' futuristic demands and bring value to your business across domains in a strengthening, beautiful way.

Why Choose Cerdonis as your Android App Development Agency?

Partnering with us means partnering with the many perks we offer. We are known and praised for the hassle-free happening we provide to our clients. Our apps have won accolades, be it Scoreboard, our fundraising app, or the Donaghmore - an Ireland-based Museum app. Every mobile app development company has some characteristics that define them; here are ours:

  • Outcome-focused Android app development agency
  • Timeline oriented delivery
  • 25+ best Android app developers
  • Transparent communication process
  • Client satisfactory solutions
  • Business audience-oriented results
  • Strict NDA policy
  • Flexible hiring & engaging models
  • Efficient project management & ownership

Hire Android app developers in the USA with flexible hiring models

Whether you want your developer to be a dedicated developer or want to hire at an hourly rate, we offer our clients convenient and flexible hiring models. Connect talented onboard android app developers for your out-of-the-box idea.


Scrum Team Model

Stuck at a particular phase of your existing Google-based mobile project? Need an expert developer to carve the way out for you? Look no further. Add a talented asset to your developing team, get going again, and achieve your aim sooner.


Fixed cost model

Have a clear understanding and requirements of how you want your app to be? Help us prepare a fixed scope of work for your project, and we will provide you with a fixed timeline & a fixed cost of your project, regardless of how complex your idea is and the total months it will take to bring your complex idea to reality.


Hourly rate model

Unsure about your idea, going for the MVP method, want to test the app in the market first? Choose to save on your investments by selecting the budget-friendly model and hiring app developers hourly.


Dedicated hiring model

Have a hi-end project requiring professionals to work on your project solely? Hire a skilled Android developer through the dedicated hiring model and let the developer work dedicatedly for you throughout. Hire on a weekly/monthly/quarterly/yearly basis.

Hire Android App Development Company in 3 simple steps

We are an app development studio that clients have always recommended for hassle-free, transparent producers.
With us at Cerdonis Technologies, hire the best fit for your project in 3 simple, painless steps.

Call us or connect us through email.
P.S - Our NDA policy is permanently active. Sign an NDA before sharing your native app development requirements.

Together with our expert consultants, cherry-pick the best fit for your project. Challenge their capabilities. We will ensure you have the developer that best synchronizes with your requirements.

Onboard and let the developers work wonders for you.

Common FAQs by clients who want to develop an Android app

1) Should I choose native development or cross-platform development?

Going for native development is the ideal option, as choosing native development will offer you native, high-end features that are not available on cross-platform. Moreover, native Android development will help you have better control over your app regarding security.

2) Do you sign NDA?

Yes, without any doubt. Before you share your requirements with us, we ensure that we sign an NDA, keeping your idea confidential throughout.

3) Will I own the source code?

Yes, of course. Once all the formalities of your app are completed, including launching on the App Stores. We give you all your rights as the real owner of the app.

4) Does Cerdonis allow hiring mobile app developers?

Yes, at Cerdonis, we have four different hiring models to help you hire in a smooth, easy process. Our hiring models are flexible, catering to all our clients' needs.

5) Which are some of the top Android apps created by you?

Donaghmore, Scoreboard and Siente are one of the top Android-based mobile apps made by us.

6) Do you have a dedicated hiring model?

Yes, As a Android app development company we have a dedicated hiring model exclusively for clients who wish to want a dedicated developer to work on your project. By choosing the dedicated hiring model, you cherry-pick a developer of your choice.

7) Will I get any post-launch support?

Of course, as a top 10 mobile app development companies in USA we have three months complimentary post-launch maintenance and support period. We ensure that all your post-launch needs are met quickly and effectively.

8) Will you help me in uploading my app to Play Store?

Definitely, uploading an app comes in our full-fledged custom Android app development services, supporting your unique Android-based idea from planning to launch and beyond.

9) How much does it cost to make an Android App?

Different factors affect Android app development costs. The average Android app development cost ranges between $15,000 - $75,000.

10) How long does it take to develop an Android app?

Developing an app involves developing the front end and the back end simultaneously. Generally, a simple Android app can be created in 2-3 months. At the same time, a middle-level complex app may take 3-6 months to be developed. If you want a high-level Android app, it may take 6 to 12 months to get ready. The total time period to develop an app depends upon what kind of app requirements you have.

11) Why should I choose for Android application development services?

Cerdonis Technologies LLC is a well-recognized Android application development company in the USA. It ranks as the top mobile app development service provider for developing Android apps. They house some of the best Android tech talents, with an average of 6+ years of experience in Native app development. Not only that, but their Android application development services cover everything from strategizing the entire AndroidOS app development to launching it on Google Play Stores. Cerdonis Technologies not only offer services from start to end, but they provide 3 months of complimentary after-launch support & maintenance, taking care of the project at every step. Choosing for Android app development means leading your app to rank on the App Store.

12) Which techstack do you use to develop Android applications?

We use Java, HTML, C++, and Kotlin to develop your Android application beautifully. Other than that, we make use of Android Studio, Google Fit SDK, Google Assistant SDK, Firebase, ML kit, etc., to develop your application.

13) Which programming languages are the best for developing Android apps?

Java and Kotlin are considered the best programming language for developing Android apps.

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