AMP Websites

With increase use of smartphones, mobile users want to get page loads faster. Accelerated mobile page ensures that. Our mobile app development company in USA leverages open source HTML framework that helps in project design. We at Cerdonis Technologies, LLC leverage the framework to deliver faster, smarter, and more intuitive websites.

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Why are AMP websites effective?

  • AMP was launched by Google to improve website performance especially for the mobile.
  • Within a short span, several reputed companies collaborated in this project.
  • AMP pages are lightweight and designed for mobile devices with minimal use of Javascript and HTML.
  • Users can load lots of web content with a quick turnaround time.
  • AMP pages are indicated and identified with a symbol of lightning bolt in grey color.
  • They work on desktop devices and for all modern browsers using AMP framework.
  • They initiate 10% more web traffic compared to other pages.
  • They are faster in loading times enhancing overall user experience with speed content than HTML.
  • Publishers and digital marketers utilize this technology widely while being uncompromising on ad revenues.

Primary Offerings in AMP website development

Cerdonis Technologies, LLC presents a slew of AMP website development services for its clients worldwide. Here are some of its primary offerings:

AMP Strategy

We offer comprehensive AMP consulting services to aid businesses leverage AMP benefits that are highly adaptive and scalable across multiple devices.

AMP Development

Our AMP development services are lightweight and easy to maintain. Being a top-notch AMP development company in Onalaska and Chicago, we are adept at offering well-formatted and developed mobile pages.

AMP for eCommerce

We can optimize e-commerce sites with AMP development services resulting in faster loading times for visitors and propelling increased customer engagement and more purchases.

AMP Design

We have highly talented and experienced developers who know the ins and outs of AMP. They design your pages in a way that requires minimal coding but offers optimal experience to the mobile users for better conversions.

AMP for WordPress

We can help you install AMP plugins for your existing WordPress portal. These plugins load the site quickly on mobile devices with custom design layout and content.

AMP Support

Cerdonis Technologies, LLC have a team of AMP website developers who deliver reliable and fast support with simple but powerful AMP services post launch to ensure maximum return-on- investment.

Benefits of using AMP Websites

Reduced Load Time

We leverage Google AMP to reduce the loading time of web pages and retain visitor interest with accurate and precise content mapping.

Low Bounce Rate

We ensure that our design AMP web pages are full of accuracy and without design problems, thus avoiding low bounce rate and delivering better mobile compatibility and retention of visitors’ interest.

Mobile Friendly

We utilize AMPs to make them immensely accessible across all devices across the digital platform especially on the mobile.

Adjustment On Any Browser

Our AMP tags enhances overall feature set and functionality to building web solutions ensuring higher visibility rates.

SEO Optimized

Google loves AMPs so we help you customize your content to lead search engines to discover your page, utilizing on-page SEO for the site.

Increased Number Of Visitors

As there is improved SEO, one can witness a boost in the number of visitors. You can find increased potential customers too as a result.

So, hire our team of AMP website developers in Onalaska and Chicago to benefit from AMP websites. Web crawlers can easily find them as they are made of HTML, JavaScript and caches. We ensure that the AMP project specifications are met to the tee while avoiding common difficulties and ensuring better security of your website.