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We have established ourselves as a trusted app development company with a strong footprint across a multitude of business niches and razor-edged technologies. We take care of the entire mobile app development lifecycle starting from brainstorming the app idea to expert execution by following industry-acclaimed development practices to rigorous QA testing to app deployment and release.

From dedicated famous app developers versed with native iOS and Android technologies such as Swift, Objective C, Kotlin, and Java to cross-platform and hybrid top app developers with expertise in React Native, Flutter, Xamarin, and Ionic to an experienced QA testing team to expert app strategists looking after monetization, deployment, release, and marketing, at Cerdonis we have it all.

How We Helps Being Prominent Mobile App Development Company

The versatility and adaptability to domain-specific development challenges and extensive coverage of latest technologies and skills make Cerdonis stand out as a top mobile app development company. Over the years, we have built winning mobile apps for businesses of all sizes and niches ranging from startups, mid-sized businesses, and large enterprises. We focus on building mobile apps that cater to your business-specific needs and the audience-specific expectations.

Some of the key attributes that set apart our mobile app development services include the following.

  • Extensive coverage of leading native, hybrid and cross-platform technologies.

  • A dedicated and right app developer for every platform and technology.

  • Our global footprint catering to startups and large enterprise clients all over the globe.

  • Several industry-acclaimed and award winning complex apps to our portfolio.

  • Flexible, scalable and extensible hiring models and resources.

  • Full-cycle mobile app development services to shape the success of an app from scratch.

  • We have proven expertise in incremental development approaches such as MVP.

  • We adhere to latest development methodologies such as Agile, Rapid Application Development (RAD), DevOps and others.

Result-Oriented Mobile App Development Services

At Cerdonis, all our mobile app development expertise revolves around a result-oriented approach to make sure our business clients begin to experience the tangible difference brought by the app from the very beginning. Our result-driven and future-focused mobile application development services cover every app platform and niche requirement such as the following.


We are an expert iOS app development company with several leading mobile apps built for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch users across the niches. We have a robust team of dedicated iOS app developers and designers versed with Swift and Objective C programming languages, Xcode development environment, Human Interface Design (HID) principles, latest features of iOS operating system and devices and guidelines and regulations for successful App Store release. We know what it really takes to make your iOS complex app shine and draw attention in the Apple app Store.



We have established ourselves as the leading Android app development company with a legible number of successful, award-winning and industry-benchmarked Android apps to our credit. We boast of a dedicated team of industry-best Android developers and designers versed with multiple Android OS versions and the entire Android device ecosystem, native Android programming languages such as Kotlin and Java, Android Studio environment, Material Design principle and guidelines for successful Play Store release.


UI/UX Design

At Cerdonis, UI/UX design excellence remain at the heart of our mobile application offerings. With a robust team of dedicated UI/UX design experts we help every mobile app development project to stay ahead of the competitive curve through attractive look and feel and exceptional ease of use. Whether you need to uplift the look, feel and usability of your existing app with a fresh mobile app design makeover or you need to ensure sophisticated UI/UX for your new app project, our industry-leading UI/UX experts just can redefine the best for both.


React Native App Development

At Cerdonis, we have been an early adopter of React Native mobile app development for a multitude of startup and enterprise app development projects going after cross-platform mobile app development. As a leading React app development company we have been a close witness of the ascending popularity of React Native and built several dozens of successful and frequently-benchmarked React Native apps for diverse business niches. We utilise the modular and component based architecture of React Native to its full potential for developing highly scalable enterprise clients software solutions.


Cross-Platform Development

Cerdonis is a leading cross-platform best mobile app development company with proven expertise and excellence across all leading cross-platform technologies ranging from Flutter to React Native to Xamarin. We cater to budget-constrained startup app and small business app projects as well as sceptical large enterprise app projects by utilising the modular and feedback-based incremental app development capabilities of cross-platform technologies. We shape your ambitious app success story with small incremental steps by using cross-platform frameworks like Flutter and React Native.


IoT App

The connected ecosystem of devices has given rise to the increasing demand for Internet of Things (IoT) apps and at Cerdonis we have mastered the innovative art and science of creating hardware-optimized IoT mobile applications that can take the interactive experience of connected surroundings to the next level. We are into extremely user-centric IoT app development for smart homes, smart workplaces, connected car infotainment systems, smart supply chains and warehouses, healthcare devices, connected security systems, alarms and vigilant cameras and many more.


QA & Testing

Quality Assurance (QA) remains to be the backbone of our outstanding success in mobile app development over the years. At Cerdonis, every app product irrespective of the size, target platform and business niche goes through a rigorous testing cycle to ensure that the end-result fully adheres to the project expectations. With a dedicated team of industry-leading QA experts and testers we focus on integrating testing protocols and mechanisms early from the development journey to realize the full potential of the app products.


Maintenance & Support

As a full-cycle app development service we give extreme importance to partnering our clients for continuous support and maintenance. We take care of all app maintenance and support requirements ranging from timely updates and value additions to addressing user pain points and other evolving concerns. We stay at the side of our clients shouldering all the responsibilities to lead an app project from scratch to success.


Hire Mobile App Development Team as per Your Need

Do you need to hire best mobile app developers in Chicago, New york, san Francisco, San Diego, Boston, San Jose, etc., cities with the required skills for your project? Whether you need to hire an on-site or offshore team, we offer you dedicated resources with proven expertise and a successful portfolio across multiple skills for your app project. Some of the key reasons to hire mobile app developer for mobile app projects include the following.


Exclusive Quality Advantage

Our mobile app developer has been versed in key technologies and platform-specific expertise through many successful app projects across different niches and sizes. This ensures a distinct quality advantage when you hiring mobile app developers from Credonis.


Remote Collaboration Skills

At Credonis, the best mobile app developers in USA are fully versed with the typical needs and challenges of remote project collaboration and they have strong command on collaborative tools, protocols and communication lingo to stay tuned to the inhouse team.


Giving A Thumbs-up to NDA

We give extreme importance to protecting the source-code and business data and make it mandatory to sign Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) before signing for any app development project. Our uncompromising notion on security and privacy helped us catch up with the international standards so easily.


A Blend of Experience & Skills

With Cerdonis, you can easily hire a remote app developer with at least 3-5 years of top-level experience in leading app projects and with various key development skills for different platforms and niches. All our dedicates resources for remote hiring represent a succulent blend of experience and skills.


Great Saving on Infrastructure

As a business just trying to shape your digital transformation with a mobile app, you do not need to spend a huge cost on IT infrastructure. We build your app in our world-class development labs equipped with the most sophisticated IT infrastructure. We help your project get going without a dime spent on IT labs.

Our Mobile App Development Process To Craft Your Idea Into App

To shape a unique app idea into a successful app product is equally a rigorous science and artful craft that everyone is not able to master. At Cerdonis, we master this art of crafting an app idea into a winning app solution. The time-honoured app development process that helped us creating so many success stories with this craft, include the following.


Understanding Business Needs

We take every app product as a unique solution to address specific business needs and consequently focus on understanding these needs and accordingly figure out app features, functionalities and user experience to address them.


Extensive Research

With a good understanding of the business needs, we focus on evaluating the app idea based upon extensive competitor, audience and market research. Our extensive research besides fine-tuning the app idea, also helps us to know the target audience and the competitors.


Design & Development

We start the mobile app design with wireframing followed by static mock-ups and finally dynamic prototypes. When the fully functional mobile app design through dynamic prototyping is evaluated and ready, Our app developer design the architecture, configure APIs and start coding the features and functionalities.



Debugging and testing continue to accompany our development process right from the beginning. Apart from fixing the coding errors we subject every app into a series of tests including user testing, performance testing, UX testing, load testing, security testing and a few others.


Deploy & Management

our project managers take on the responsibilities of submitting the app to respective app stores and releasing the app successfully backed by a carefully orchestrated per-launch campaign to create buzz and optimise the first wave of acquisition.

Ingenious Apps Developed By Our App Developers At Cerdonis

At Cerdonis, we practice concept engineering to shape unique app products for niche use cases. Over the years we developed
some of the most ingenious cross platform mobile apps that created inspiring milestones and success-stories in the app market.



KeepAppy is a unique app to help with the mental well-being of people. Built for one of our clients in Ireland is a one-of-a-kind app that allows users to track their mental well-being and moods, generate reports, set goals and take proactive measures. This unique and feature-rich app can be best described as a lifestyle gym to keep distress, mood disorders and stressful conditions at bay.

KeepAppy offers a range of preventive, growth-focused and care-oriented features such as mental health reporting, goal setting, tracking mindfulness, reminder alerts for medicines, period trackers, mood tracker, personalised mood-uplifting content, gratitude diary, tracker for community challenges and fully operational geo-specific helplines.



Cerdonis as a specialist game app development company brought for the game-wizards a unique score tracking app called Scoreboard that allows anyone to keep all the scores of favourite games handy on their mobile screen.

Players of multiplayer game apps such as football, volleyball, card games, board games, table tennis, and many other games can keep track of their favourite players, teams and their respective scores at a glance thanks to Scoreboard.



TeachKloud is a one-of-a-kind cloud-based app solution for nursery and early-childhood education. This unique app in more than one way helps parents to keep track of their child’s upbringing and education and helps teachers to impart education to children with a constructive learning mechanism.

Conceptualised by a PhD scholar in early childhood education and developed by us, TeachKloud brings a unique approach to collaborative early childhood care and education with a hands-on app solution for teachers and parents to create the best learning environment for the little minds.

Notable Tools & Technologies We Use

At Cerdonis, we use the most time-honoured app development frameworks, technologies and tools for shaping the most ambitious app ideas to winning app products. Our proven expertise and development skills range across leading cross-platform mobile app development frameworks, hybrid frameworks and native platform-specific technologies.


Xamarin stays at the very heart of our cross-platform app development skill-set. We use Xamarin for robust cross-platform app projects ensuring faster development time with 90% code reusability and easy access to native iOS and Android APIs for delivering fully native user experience.



Cerdonis has long established itself as an expert Flutter development company with a robust portfolio of most sophisticated and feature-rich Flutter mobile applications. We develop cross-platform apps with native user experience by using Flutter’s rich repository of platform-optimised UI widgets, modern features such as hot reloading and ability to reuse core codebase for iOS, Android, web and desktop platforms.


React Native

We are a React app development company with dozens of industry-acclaimed and award-winning React Native apps to our portfolio. We use React Native’s modular component based architecture, ability to access a variety of third party APIs, features like hot reloading and optimum code reusability to develop sophisticated and high-performance mobile applications for both iOS and Android.



Ionic is a robust hybrid app development framework that allows us to build feature-rich, performance-savvy and low footprint moblie applications at less time and cost. The native-like UI components offered by Ionic allows us to deliver close-to-native app user experience and performance while building a single app for both iOS and Android.


Native Android

Cerdonis is an Android app development agency with a global footprint and a rich portfolio of market-leading native Android apps across diverse niches and categories. With a robust team of dedicated Java and Kotlin qualified app developers, we build Android apps with crisp and attention-grabbing user interface and intuitive user experience.


Native iOS

We are an industry-leading iOS app development company having dozens of inspiring app success stories in the App Store. With an experienced Swift and Objective C best app developer team, we design and develop iOS mobile applications with eye-candy user interfaces, instantly engaging user experience and seamless performance.


Engagement Model and steps to hire mobile app developers in USA

At Cerdonis, we make it extremely easier for you to hire skilled and experienced top mobile app developers in USA as per your requirements, budget, timeline and project management needs. We offer ultimate flexibility covering a variety of hiring end engagement models.


Fixed Cost & Time Model

With Fixed Cost & Time Model, we make precise estimates of the app development hours and corresponding cost for the app project and accordingly make a cost and time quote for our clients. With this model we ensure optimum transparency, predictable timeline and complete control on the development cost right from the beginning.


Time & Material Model

With Time & Material Model we offer dedicated resources with an hourly rate for the app project and the app development cost depends upon the developer hours spent building the app. Through this engagement model we allow clients to hire app developers with optimum flexibility for projects requiring frequent value additions and updates.


On Site Hiring Model

Through our On-Site Hiring model we help our clients to hire best app developers for startups to work on the client's site for the entire duration of the app project. Through the on-site model we help businesses with inhouse mobile development teams to deck up their resources with new skills required for an app development project.


Dedicated Remote Hiring Model

With the Dedicated Remote Hiring Model we bring together the optimum output of the on-site resources and the flexibility of accessing skilled resources remotely. Through our dedicated remote mobile app developers clients can enjoy robust control, high-level efficiency, predictability of budget and timeline and flexibility of adding new skill-set.


Offshore Development Center Model

Cerdonis also offers fully-equipped offshore mobile and web apps development centres for security-sensitive app projects requiring stringent control on resources and project management. Leading businesses for their mission-critical app projects can leverage the well-decked IT infrastructure and industry-best resources of our offshore development centres located close to their headquarters.

How we are different from other mobile app development companies

We stand apart from the vast majority of top mobile app development companies list in terms of skills, experience, portfolio, industry-benchmarks, award-winning excellence, domain knowledge of different industries, competitive value offerings and an indomitable knack to excel through the success stories of our clients.


Unique Blend of Experience & Expertise

We achieved industry-acclaimed excellence in top mobile application development through a balanced combination of experience and technical expertise across a wide range of technologies, tools and frameworks catering to every platform and domain-specific requirements.


A Star-studded Portfolio

Just as always the case, our work displays our capabilities and strength the best. Over the years, Cerdonis has been at the forefront of driving innovation across every different mobile application development niche and helped shaping the successful digital solutions of several leading business brands and funded startups.


An Extensive Domain Knowledge

What made businesses across all niches and sizes to approach us for their mobile app development requirements is our robust team of domain experts who can conceptualise a unique mobile app project specific to particular industry domains and target audience needs.


Future-ready Development Focus

Cerdonis has always been early adopters of new technology trends, mobile development standards, budding technologies and approaches. No wonder, we produce future-ready apps that help our clients to stay ahead of the competitive curve by introducing things that are still in the making.


Global Footprint & Mindset

Cerdonis is spread across the four corners of the globe with several international offices, offshore mobile and web development centres, dedicated resources and business clients all over the world, We are a best mobile app development company with a multicultural and multilingual global presence.


A Success Story Shaped by Clients

Cerdonis is a unique success story shaped entirely by the successful mobile app footprints we created over the years for our clients spread across the industry niches. Every winning mobile app we built showcases our commitment, tenacity and dedication to redefine excellence for our clients.

Frequently asked Questions


Why choose Cerdonis for mobile app development services?

Cerdonis is one of the top 10 mobile app development companies in cross-platform development. It has established itself as one of the forerunners in both native and cross-platform development thanks to its focus on utilizing cutting-edge technologies, tools, and capabilities. Some key strengths that set Cerdonis apart as a mobile app development company include the following.

• Star-studded portfolio of award-winning and industry-benchmarked apps.
• Experienced native and cross-platform developers.
• Global footprint with the best app developers for startups worldwide.
• Focus on driving innovations with cutting-edge technologies.
• Widely followed as a thought leader and trendsetter in Flutter, React Native, Ionic, and native Android development.
• One of the leading Android app development companies.


Will you provide post-launch assistance?

provide maintenance services and technical support after deploying the apps. This ensures the proper working of the application.


How will you make sure that my idea remains safe?

As your ideas are unique and obviously you are cautious about them getting leaked, we securely safeguard your mobile app code and ideas. Also, we sign an NDA with our clients, the very first thing, to make the whole process trustworthy. There will not be any disclosure to third parties in any–way.


Which development approach do you follow?

We follow waterfall methodology and agile process of mobile app development. The selection of which based on your app’s requirements.


How will I know which platform is right for my idea?

Our team of experienced mobile app developers and business analysts will thoroughly look into your project idea, stack all the requirements, and then work accordingly.


Will the development server be able to cope up with the growing pace?

Yes, we use technologies that can adjust the server according to the growing traffic. This offers long-term support.


What are the benefits of the agile app development process?

Agile provides various benefits such as transparency, changes, predictable delivery, cost and schedule, and much more. It helps project teams deal with drawbacks such as schedule predictability and scope creep in a restrained manner.


What is the Average Cost for Mobile App Development?

Cerdonis is one of the leading names in the top mobile app development companies list across the ranking platforms, not just because of its qualitative focus but also thanks to its competitive development rate. While we promise to offer the most competitive pricing for top-notch skills and expertise, the cost of a specific mobile app development project depends on several factors such as app complexity and size, feature set, target platform, UI/UX design complexity, developer location and hiring model, and several others. As a leading software development company, we always adhere to principles and practices that ensure high-quality development without bombarding your budget.


How can I book a free consultation with Cerdonis?

When you try to figure out how to reach out to leading web and mobile app development companies for your project, Cerdonis makes things easier with a free consultation. Hear us out, get a 360-degree projection of the things to come for your project, and understand the budget and resource requirements clearly before you choose us.
Whether you are looking for an iOS or Android app development company in the USA to deliver a high-quality development service at a competitive budget, our free consultation will help you have a clear idea of the project. Booking a free consultation with us requires dropping a message, making a call, or sending an email. We are eager to hear from you.


Do you sign NDA and NC agreements?

At Cerdonis, we make it mandatory to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) after both parties agree to the deal and before the development phase. Being listed as one of the top app development companies in the USA, Cerdonis always adheres to the best industry practices and measures for securing business information and respecting the rights of the application codebase.

"The app was unquestionably well-designed, but we had a few inputs in the navigation. Cerdonis team was on it right from the word go. I must congratulate them on their proactive approach to develop our app. Excellent work would recommend them. Cheers! "

Betina Isted

Expert business analyst


Realize your idea for a successful mobile app today!

At Cerdonis Technologies LLC, we are geared to offer pertinent mobile app development solutions adapting to new capabilities offered by the platforms. Being qualified and experienced to realize diverse apps based on a clear vision, we are always prepared to unleash the next revolution out there. If you need a reliable mobile application development company, you have come to the right place. We will help you with your requirements, aided by our expert team of astute top app developers who can deliver a magnificent experience for clients of all kinds.