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.NET core is a combined web development model that can help build unique web applications. The Microsoft platform is an efficient open source framework to build cloud-based web applications and used widely for corporate applications. The platform is ideal for creating back end solutions in mobile app development and to build web pages incorporating JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

Cerdonis Technologies, LLC provides efficient Asp.NET Core Development services in USA to build world class web applications that are robust, secured, and efficient. .NET core applications deliver multiple benefits in terms of their lightweight nature, optimized CLR, Gulp compatibility, compatibility with multiple text editors and more. Thus, it is a simple solution for mobile app development company in USA for introducing mobile apps in more ways than one.

Advantages of using .Net core

  • Clоud-rеаdу environment
  • Lightweight and modular applications
  • Quick and easy integration with other applications
  • Easy to develop web UI and web APIs
  • Sіdе-bу-ѕіdе арр vеrѕіоnіng benefits
  • Sіmрlіfіed modern web development
  • Hоѕt on IIS or self-host
  • Oреn-ѕоurсе and соmmunіtу-fосuѕеd

Why Choose Cerdonis Technologies, LLC?

Cerdonis Technologies, LLC create mission critical apps leveraging the .Net core platform in different ways for diverse domains. As one of the leading core web development companies in Chicago, USA, the company is poised to expand on its arsenal with intuitive apps and personalized creations..


Ample .Net core development expertise and experience of 10+ years to scale services and integrate existing applications.


Works for all industry verticals with applications of varying complexities.


Handled a variety of projects of differing complexities for different types of industries.


Host a team of developers and designers with best-in-class skills for intuitive designing, testing, deployment services and front end development


Technological partner for leading companies and growing startups


Adept in handling simple as well as complex web applications


Possess profound knowledge in diverse spheres and domains having analysts and domain experts on board.


Promote constant upgrade on technical front as well as business trends


Possess technical know-how and business acumen to develop business-centric applications

Primary offerings in .NET Core Development

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  • DotNET Core Application Development
  • ASP.NET application development
  • Integration with third party instruments, applications, and services
  • Enterprise Application Architecture
  • Web portal and CMS development
  • Comprehensive Application Migration Services
  • Browser-based web application development
  • Online store development with diverse catalogs
  • Custom App Development on Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems
  • Cloud-based Internet applications
  • Database Migration Services
  • High quality deployment, maintenance, and support

Our Development Approach

With deep knowledge of ASP.NET and .NET Core development, Cerdonis Technologies, LLC are able to provide distinctive .Net web development services in USA. Here is our approach that revolves around agile methodology and is scalable and time-tested for multiple scenarios:

1. Requirement Analysis and Strategy Development

  • Creation of Detailed Requirement Document
  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Development of Scope-of-work Document
  • Project Architecture
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