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Our Epicor development services deliver a comprehensive closed-loop solution supporting the five-key service-centric processes:-
Secured funding, Resourcing projects, Managing project delivery, Streamlining financial operations efficiently, Regulatory compliance with analyzing business performance.

Our Epicor services have the power to anticipate improvements in efficiency of project control, utilization of proper technologies, detailed visibility and thus giving overall customer satisfaction. These services are quite crucial in creating a streamlined business structure so that other staff can concentrate on research and development of business modules.

Epicor Services by Cerdonis Technologies, LLC

As an independent software services provider, Cerdonis Technologies, LLC have come a long way in accommodating Epicor development services in their package. They allow businesses to maximize the visibility and methodology as per specific business needs.

There is a wide range of services in Epicor development which mainly consists of: -
Customizations, Dashboards, Reports, BPMs, Product Configurator and Service Connect

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Epicor software’s can be customized and at Cerdonis Technologies, LLC who are independent Epicor software developers, can help you take advantage of the multiple customization tools at your disposal. It actually changes or modifies a screen and can include something as simple text box or as advanced as a standalone application.

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Dashboards in Epicor are meant to provide instant visibility to the status of various aspects of your business. Cerdonis Technologies, LLC have created many dashboards for key business areas including, MES-scrap entry, parts information, project status, and parts requirements. With a set of experienced software developers, we are able to create virtual tables that can combine data for fast retrieval and display.

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Reports allow you to manage your business more efficiently than ever. Reports on wide range of material level cost, capacity planning and on-hand quantity can be easily available. Cerdonis Technologies, LLC provide instant reports pertaining to key business areas including Shipping, Material Issued to Jobs and Sales Order Backlog.

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BPM is an embedded software code in Epicor that can perform a fist of valuable functions such as creating and defaulting fields, eliminating error data, updating and modifying large amounts of data and much more.

Benefits of Hiring Cerdonis Technologies, LLC for Epicor development

  • Get specialized support desk team and access to advanced problem-solving tools and technologies to leverage the benefits of Epicor.
  • Team of Developers are hyper-responsive and proactive thus helping to resolve potential application and technology stack issues.
  • Has years of experience in responsive break-fix and issue that can tackle application problems running at peak downtime.
  • Can provide full technical support for customized code.
  • Has best in class ITIL practices that has consistent support while working on the platform.
  • With proper methodologies give extended lifespan to Epicor software applications
  • Enables cost efficient systems of engagement and services that helps an organization to grow consistently.

Facilities at Cerdonis Technologies, LLC

Multi-channel support, ITIL based service platform, Incident management process, Service levels & resolution targets, Issue verification checklist, RIC's expectation from customer, Call escalation and Learning management portal. Whether your business is a start-up, or an established player, Cerdonis Technologies, LLC can provide the best of tools and support to help you manage a rapid growth and become more efficient in your business standard.


Linking everyone with a client initiative based on external resources.


Support joint or multi-funded initiatives and full cost allocations to support both profit and non-profit organizations.


Maximize resource performance through increased visibility into present and future staffing needs.


Removal of un needful administrative processes and related costs that results in loss of valuable productive hours.


Has thorough comprehensive business process management and workflow process.

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