A unique concept

The client of this app is a singer and he came up with an idea of singing for people for their birthdays, anniversary, graduation or any other custom occasion. This a very unique concept where both users can get a personalised song and also the singer gets a new platform for his career.

Categories / occasions

The users can select an occasion and explore all the songs under that category. The name in each and every song can be customised and the singer will deliver the song in 3 business days.


List of all trending songs which could interest the users. Just imagine having a trending song which mentions your name. Amazing right?

Purchases / Downloads

All the songs you download are organized in a different section and ability to download them.


All the songs also display the lyrics so that you can read and follow the singer.


The app is built in 2 languages; English and Arabic.
You now have a choice with whichever language you are comfortable with.

Want to gift someone?

This could be the best gift anyone could ever get. TRY it out and see the response of the person whom you gift a song.