Finding a stylist is now easy!

Stylaaa is a platform where stylists can showcase their work and be found by customers for their grooming needs.

A very flexible system where stylists can show their work, add their services, prices and also select whether the services are available at the customer's location.

We all know how each of us is so careful when it comes to grooming. Finding the right stylists will not be a problem anymore because customers will be able to find stylists, see how much they have been rated by other customers and see their work before they start the booking process.

Portfolio and services

Stylist can list their services along with the prices and show their past work and experience. This lets the customers to explore the stylist's work and decide if they'd like to book them.


If a job is completed, the customer can give a review/rating. This has many benefits and to mention a few; The stylist can be careful of how they are providing their service as ratings would be displayed on their profile and customers can make a better decision of whether they want to book a stylist or not.

Chat feature

Emailing or sending a message and waiting for the reply is not interesting anymore. Live chat makes more conversions and gives a better user experience.

Service location

Stylaaa provides an option for stylist to select whether the services can be done at stylist's location or customers location. Some services cannot be done at the customer's location and therefore, the stylist can specify which location would be used for each of the service.