How To Choose App Development Outsourcing Agency?

According to the latest stats, the market size for outsourcing app projects stands at a huge $88.9 billion. According to a Deloitte study, 60% of IT outsourcing companies look forward to a huge growth in the market size of outsourcing app development in the coming years. While there are several reasons behind this growth prospect, the challenges in hiring skilled developers for outsourcing app projects continue to increase. 

This is why it is important to have a comprehensive and clear idea about how a business can hire the best developers for its outsourcing app projects. Here we will explain the most time-tested methods of hiring remote developers for your outsourcing app projects. But before that, let us spare a few words on the advantages of hiring a mobile app development agency to outsource your app project. 

  • Access to global talent pool: When you opt to hire a development agency from any part of the world, you can access a larger talent pool without any geographical constraints. You can also do wider research covering hundreds of top-notch development companies.
  • Bringing the development cost low: Since you can reach out to the developers in the wide-open world with different currencies, different remuneration standards, and cost factors, you can easily make a better bargain to hire an expert development company at a lesser cost. 
  • Access to world-class IT infrastructure: Generally, global development companies with hundreds of successful app projects will have robust and well-equipped development labs and IT infrastructure. Without spending a dime for your own IT establishment, you can access such robust infrastructure. 
  • Latest development approach: Any leading development company with a global footprint and exceptional command of the latest technologies and tools is likely to be versed with the latest development methodologies and approaches such as agile, rapid app development (RAD), and DevOps, DevSecOps, and several others. By hiring them, you can easily adhere to the latest development methods. 

How to Hire the Right IT Outsourcing Agency?

Now whether you need an iOS or Android app development agency, the process to choose and hire them should follow the tried and tested path, ensuring in-depth evaluation of all the technical capabilities and prior experience. Let's try to figure out these methods to hire an IT outsourcing agency for your app project. 

Prepare a clear project requirements document. 

Before starting an app project and hiring process, any company must have a clear idea of all the technical and non-technical requirements for app development projects. 

The project requirement document should encompass the points such as a detailed description of the app that is going to be developed, app objectives, the available in-house developer resources and capabilities, the additional tech resources and IT infrastructure required by the project, and the expected project deadlines, etc.

Extensive screening 

When all the project requirements are determined and have been approved following meticulous discretion, it is time to do market research and screen the capable development agencies for the app project. 

You can always visit the B2B review and rating sites covering app development services. Both Clutch and Goodfirms are noteworthy for this. You can also study reputed industry publications like Gartner and Forrester to learn about top app development companies. You should also visit various social media platforms and job boards to find experienced individual developers and development agencies. Finally, you should also search developer-only platforms such as GitHub and StackOverflow to learn about various app projects' development agencies and developers. 

Proposals & quote 

After you have screened some development agencies for the app project, the very next step is to approach them and seek their proposals and quotes. It is always advisable to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) before sharing the project details and asking for a proposal and quote. You need to analyze every development agency and only make a list of development services with a clear understanding of your particular app project. 

Now it is time to check each aspect of their responses, including the cost attributes. Soon you can understand what the development services that, in terms of cost, capabilities, and vision, just fit into your requirements are. 

Schedule interviews for final evaluation 

Once you have shortlisted some development agencies for your app project, it is time to put them under rigorous technical evaluation and interview processes. This step involves asking them for a demo app project to evaluate their technical skills in building an app project. This technical test and evaluation process will help you assess their strengths and weaknesses in a real-world environment before even the actual app development begins. 

The technical test and evaluation process should check some of the crucial areas that include several strengths and weaknesses commonly observed in app developers. How does the demo app really address the targeted user needs to be defined by the project scope and objective? How much depth do the respective developers have with the required technology stack? What are the risk factors and vulnerabilities corresponding to app performance that their demo project shows? 

Signing the contract 

At last, as the entire evaluation process comes to an end and you have decided to hire a particular agency, you need to make a legally viable contract for the app project. This is one area where the negotiation skills of the business owners and stakeholders really play a crucial role as you often need to ask for more services such as post-development support and updates at the same price. 

When the development cost and all the covered services for the app project are finally decided, you need to discuss the mode and schedule of payment along with specific project milestones and corresponding payment schedule and terms. 

Summing It Up

So, finding the right mobile app development company for your app project involves both extensive market research covering multiple platforms and a deep evaluation of the developers corresponding to their skills and project experience. Since the right development company can make or break the success potential of an app project, you cannot take any of these considerations for granted. 


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