A Detailed Guide on App Development Services In USA

The US is still the largest IT service provider country in the world. The country has the highest smartphone user base in the world. According to the latest data, on average, Americans every day check their handheld devices 262 times, and that boils down to more than once every five minutes. Now, apps obviously take up most of the mobile usage as another statistic mentions that more than 88% of smartphone time is spent basically on apps. 

On the other hand, among mobile app development services, the companies in the USA are still ranked the highest and are most sought after for their expertise, skills, and professional benchmarks. Why do companies still look forward to US IT companies and developers building their ambitious apps? What is the cost, and what are the hiring models for getting onboard app developers from the US? Let's try to find the answers to these questions. 

Why is the USA the Best Destination For App Development?

As the world's predominant tech hub, the USA has ruled the development world for years. The impartial views of any app development consultant regarding the best destinations for picking up developer talents will largely cover the development firms of the US. What made the US so popular and sought after as the destination for app development? What are the key value propositions and incentives for hiring developers from the US? Let us explain below. 

World's largest IT market 

Along with the world's biggest IT companies such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, IBM, Oracle, SAP, Apple, and many others, the country has its biggest and most reputed IT companies. Every few years, new IT companies, ventures, and applications from the USA make breakthroughs in their respective industries. 

World's most reputed IT schools 

The country houses the world's most reputed IT schools and higher educational institutions for science, mathematics, and engineering degrees. Students from all over the world also attend these world-famous IT institutions. Naturally, the US never experiences a shortfall in the supply of great developer talents. 

Making IT benchmarks and establishing the norms 

The US takes the lead in establishing the benchmarks and norms for the global IT companies and IT services to follow. Most of the leading development companies in the US had pioneering roles in creating new development standards and industry benchmarks. Businesses can easily stay updated on the latest industry benchmarks and norms by hiring USA development companies. 

The widest spectrum of development skills 

The US has been the place where all leading and major programming languages and skills over the years flourished and grown. When it comes to programming and new skill development, US companies have never been left behind in exploring new technologies, skills, and languages. Naturally, when you look for a mobile app development company in the USA to build your app, you are likely to get the best options across every different skill. 

Exposure to the world's best IT infrastructure 

The development labs in the US are far more well-equipped and superior than development companies in other parts of the world simply because of the country's predominant IT market and development scene. By hiring development companies from the US, you can easily get exposure to the world's best IT infrastructure. 

Outsourcing friendly regulations and environment 

For IT outsourcing and for hiring developers from worldwide, the US has been the best destination so far. Whether in respect of federal or state policies, the country always offers the most accommodating environment and regulations for outsourcing and hiring global talents. The IT industry of the country truly embodies the core values of globalization. 

Cost competitive market 

Because of the stronger currency, the US has never been a cheaper destination for outsourcing development projects. But over the years, because of fierce competition on the costing among the development companies from the East coast to the West, projects from all over the world can find app developers with competitive pricing to fulfill their development requirements. 

Most tech-savvy human capital 

Another major reason for the global businesses to hire US development companies and developers is the ease of access to the tech-savvy Human Resource in every part of the country. The US population is regarded to have the highest smartphone penetration in the world, and most toddlers and junior students just grow up being tech savvy. Naturally, in regard to both the audience and developer talents, this tech-savvy environment helps a business deliver more mature and innovative solutions. 

How Much Does It Cost Hiring App Developer In the USA?

Now that you are more or less convinced about the advantages of hiring app developers from the USA, you must be asking what is the actual cost of hiring app developers in the USA. There is no direct answer to this question simply because there are several variable factors. But we can just try to have a look at these variable factors so that you can figure out the development cost more precisely.  

Complexity & feature set:

The biggest factor that is going to determine the development cost is the complexity of the app project and its feature set. For your app project to start with a cost advantage at the initial stage, it is always advisable to release an elementary app with basic features and gradually make value additions through updates.

Target platform & technology stack:

Whether you want to build a single app that runs on both iOS and Android or whether you want to build two separate native apps can influence the development cost to a great extent. The choice of the platform and corresponding technology stack will impact the cost and time for development. 

Incremental or full development:

If you build a simple app for the first release and build it further with value additions through subsequent updates, the cost can be broken down over time. On the other hand, if you want to build the complete app in one go, the initial cost can be higher, and the course corrections can drain a lot of resources.  

Hiring and engagement model:

When hiring developers, the hiring and engagement model also plays a crucial role in the overall cost of development for an app project. This also depends on the type of project and developer engagement that suits your app project. 

The technology stack and tools:

The modular and component-based development frameworks ensure a lower cost of development simply because you can get just access ready to access components without writing much code. The third-party APIs and tools can also increase your development cost significantly. 

Choice of mid-level or top-notch development companies:

When you are hiring developers from mid-level development firms, the cost can be significantly lower. But if you opt for top-notch development companies in the US with global footprints, you may need to pay a higher price.  

What Hiring Models Do USA IT Firms Offer?

Now, let's come to the final consideration for hiring app developers and development services in the US. You need to choose the right hiring and engagement model that suits your app project perfectly. Let us have a quick look at the most popular hiring models that the IT and development firms in the US offer. 

Dedicated hiring model 

This is the most popular model for ambitious app and software projects that need the rigorous engagement of the developers until the project completion and beyond. Here below, we mention the highlights of the dedicated hiring model. 

  • According to this model, every developer is hired onboard as per the project requirements and is expected to continue until the launch.  
  • This model gives complete control to the developer team and ensures at least some hours of engagement for the developers every month. 
  • Generally, for dedicated developers, the development company charges on a monthly basis.

Fixed cost model 

If your app project has only a set of fixed development needs that are well defined with their corresponding tasks and responsibilities, a fixed cost model is more suitable for the project. The best thing about this model is keeping comprehensive control of the development cost. 

  • The fixed cost model depends heavily upon the project requirement document and all the specifications mentioned over there. 
  • Fixed cost models suit app projects with highly predictable outcomes. 
  • In this model, the development requirements and specifications have no scope to change when the development is undergoing. 
  • In the US, there are several development companies that allow hiring developers following this model. 
  • Generally, development companies for this model take a portion of the development fee upfront. 

Hourly hiring model 

The hourly hiring model, also called Time & Material model, has particularly been popular with app projects that cannot meet all the project specifications at the start and cannot afford dedicated hiring costs. 

  • As per this model, developers are paid per hour basis, and companies focus on hiring developers with a competitive hourly rate. 
  • This model allows the project to change or add requirements and specifications as the development continues. 
  • In the US several development companies allow hiring developers on an hourly basis. 
  • Generally, development companies bill for all the developer hours at the end of every month. 

Parting Words 

In the US, for hiring skilled developers, you can have the greatest exposure to developer talents as well as a variety of hiring and engagement models. If you research well, you can always find the most experienced and expert Developer teams as per your requirements and within your budget. 

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