Why Adding White Label Taxi Mobile App is Significant for Taxi Business

Gone are those times when the driver had to drive his taxi for miles and miles to get a passenger. Now with on-demand taxi mobile applications, drivers are getting constant requests from passengers, which is opening new channels of income for them. The app always provides the driver with the option to confirm the customer’s request or reject it, thereby making the process easy & comfortable for them.  

Even if we see from the passengers’ end then, it has turned out to be more than bliss for the passengers! The riders can simply find a cab by clicking on their mobile phone, and in a few steps, a taxi gets booked! They won’t have to wait on the road to find a cab, unlike the olden times. Instead, GPS-enabled white-label taxi apps like Uber can automatically help passengers find the nearest taxi providers. Also, white label taxi apps have a knack for providing different modes of payments, which offers a cashless experience to both the customers and the users. 

What is white label taxi app development, and why has it become a taxi provider’s favorite?

A white label solution development means a product developed by a mobile app development company rebranded and sold to another company. A white label “taxi application” can be customized according to the new company, which means rebranding. When it comes to taxi provider’s business, a white label taxi app development is undoubtedly a comprehensive solution worldwide to assist taxi provider companies in offering a seamless traveling experience to riders with cutting-edge booking service. 

The reason why a taxi booking app development is favorite among the taxi business owners is because of the benefit it provides. By investing in a white-label mobile application, brands can improve visibility and consequently increase the number of customers. More importantly, you can expand your online taxi service delivery to a new level with a white label app developed for your business. Because white labels offer instant booking, making it easy for users to book a cab that can scale up your business. Moreover, it even helps in advancing the entire process of booking a taxi, which in turn reduces the estimated time of a taxi arriving. Last but not least, the white label taxi app is a favorite because it establishes direct communication between the users and the drivers, and allows the taxi providers to improve their services with reviews and feedback of customers. Without further ado, let’s move into why a ready-made taxi app is essential for you. 

Significance of white label taxi booking app development for your business

Let me explain to you a situation - you have fleets of cars, and you have many drivers to carry out the services, but there would be one problem that you would be facing - a lack of coordination, isn't it? 

When you invest in a white label taxi application, then your business service quality is bound to increase. Additionally, times have changed, and consumers are more into a fast-paced lifestyle; they desire quicker solutions, and what’s better than integrating technology into the traditional business! 

The emergence of technology is opening doors to many opportunities for a taxi provider like you! Gone are the times when the passengers had to call the taxi company and check the availability of taxis. Customers these days want quicker and instant solutions where they can at a time get the answers. To have your own taxi booking app is the solution, from which you can coordinate with your drivers and your passengers. That being the case, we can suggest that having a white-label taxi booking app for your business is simply a powerful solution to invest in.  

What features is the white label taxi app development is famous for?

The white label taxi app always comes in a combination of a user panel, driver panel, and an admin panel within the app. Below we will list out the features present in each of these panels. Let’s drive to the ‘Features’.

  • Passenger dashboard

The passenger dashboard contains the features which users can use in order to book a taxi. First and foremost, the users would be able to directly register in the mobile application and opt to book a cab. 

After registering, the users can then check the types of taxis (SUV, Limo, or any other cars) and their monetary charges. The app gives the users the freedom to do so based on their needs. By setting their location by GPS, users would even be able to select their pickup location. 

Thus your drivers won’t have to roam the streets of Chicago to find their passengers. GPS will help drivers navigate their rider’s location and vice-versa, helping the users track their drivers. The entire process becomes hassle-free and can be tracked in real-time. 

Furthermore, Google APIs are used to calculate the distance a passenger has traveled from the pickup point to the drop point, giving a fair fare charge to the customers. Also, various payment modes are also accepted by white label taxi app development solutions, giving users the flexibility to make payments safely and swiftly! 

On top of all, features like live tracking, scheduling rides, booking history, reviews, and ratings play a significant role in the entire taxi journey ride for the riders. 

  • Driver’s dashboard 

White-label taxi apps have come as bliss to drivers as well. And with taxi booking apps like Uber, Lyft, Chicago taxi app, and many more - it has led drivers to operate services with ease and efficiency. With white label taxi development, the driver gets the convenience of accepting and rejecting a request. 

When it comes to the driver’s registration, the app allows the driver to register from the app directly and once the admin panel approves the driver profile, the driver can start giving services. Not only that, but through the white label taxi app, a driver can even change his online and offline status as per his availability. To keep a track of the services a driver provides, the driver’s dashboard tracks the booking history and shows the status of the total number of rides a driver can get. 

  • Admin dashboard

The admin panel is used by taxi providers to manage the entire process. It assists you in taking control over your fleet of cars and even managing the drivers and passengers. White label taxi apps even allow you to track your fleet in real-time and thus you can manage it easily. Developing a white label taxi application offers a secured ecosystem, so the admin dashboard can secure all the details of both the users as well as drivers, thus processing safely & securely. 

Workflow can also be managed by the admin dashboard. Signing up of drivers, reviews and ratings, bonuses, payment to drivers, and many other things can be managed by the admin panel; thus with the white label, you can facilitate a hassle-free procedure. 

Let’s dive into the benefits of white label taxi app development.

What are the benefits of white label taxi app development?

As a mobile app development company, Cerdonis Technology LLC also often receives requests from our clients that are offering white label taxi app development. Yes, we at Cerdonis tech also provide white label products that are high in quality and 100% distinctive. So here is why we are into offering white label taxi apps. 

  • Shorter period to launch   

Let’s put a situation across you - you have a taxi business in Ottawa, the competition there is relentless. How do you get ahead of the competition in a short period of time? The best way you can adopt is to adapt to a platform where there are many users. Which platform hosts a lot of users? Mobile phones. Yes, you can make smartphones your catalyst to expand your business and be ahead of the consumers. Contact a software development company that provides taxi dispatch solutions which is a readymade taxi app. 

As the white label applications need minimal planning or design, you can launch them faster in the market except by adding your company’s information. Being already developed, it won’t take much time and can be available in the market within a shorter period. A definite try for your business to be ahead of the competition in less time. 

  • Low investments and more customizations

Coming down in favor of white label taxi products would turn out to be a great decision, we bet! Primarily, if you choose a ready-made solution, it is bound to be cost-efficient than an app built from the beginning. Not only that, but creating an app from scratch means hiring a BA who studies your business, then suggests features, and then finally makes it to the development stage. 

While with a white-label, you can be at ease because you are signing up for a solution that is easy on your budget. Into the bargain, it is even customizable as per your brand needs. 

  • Post-launch maintenance

Taxi app development companies that deliver white label products also render post-launch support to the app, which means you have the company’s back whenever you need it. We also believe in supporting and maintaining the product entirely even after its release. You can always contact the solution provider to update your app or fix a bug or deploy a code because they would be happy to maintain your app. Rest assured, the tasks which may seem troublesome would be administered by tech pros.   

Now that you’re assured of the benefits of white label products, let’s travel to know how to ensure the quality of the white label taxi ;)

Quality criteria we follow for unique white-label taxi development.

We follow mainly 2 steps that ensure that our white label solutions are high in quality, leading to growth in your business. 

  • Code

Our programming code is 100% license-based source code which opens doors to a fully-fledged product that is reliable, efficient, and robust! 

  • Customization

We have encountered customers whose apps lack customization, especially when it comes to the backend, User Interface (UI), designs and, accessibility of white label products. The reason behind this is their development partner, who does not ensure that the taxi app is customized based on the clients’ requirements. 

But at Cerdonis, we take care of a client’s needs very seriously!

The business pattern for white label taxi solutions. 

If you have ever traveled in Uber, then you are accustomed to the business model it follows, isn’t it? Well, Uber was the first taxi startup app, which came into existence in the year 2009. It soon gained recognition for providing rides from anywhere, with convenience and hassle-free payment methods. The concept picked up gradually, and soon, it became a rage among the customers. Yes, Uber was a white-label taxi app. When they first introduced it was an app for requesting a taxi from anywhere, but over the years, Uber introduced revenue models that could work according to the demand. 

To let you know, 80% of the charge per ride is given to the drivers, and 20% is deducted by Uber itself. Now what Uber does is … increases the price during peak hours that means when the demand of customers to book rides is more. Mostly, 1.5x, 2x, or 3x fares are increased. 

Besides, riders are also penalized when they cancel a ride, and the amount is deducted in the next ride. Moreover, Uber also features premium rides for passengers who want to travel in luxurious cars, which helps Uber mint more money. Additionally, over the years, Uber has become a popular app that means millions of users. Thus Uber allows other companies to advertise or promote their products/services, which proves as a side income for Uber. 

Yes, so the factors to gain revenue mentioned above can be a fruitful business pattern that you can follow to ensure a profitable business. 

To wrap up

If you are administering a taxi business, then white label taxi app development is a universal solution that you can adapt to save on your budget and still make your place in the competitive market. 

So if you have the forethought to start your own tech-oriented taxi business to grow & develop, then consult a good white-label taxi app development company that can provide you with a first-class white label solution. Because white label has all the needed modules & functionalities that can take your taxi business to the next level.