The Most In-Demand Tech Skills for US Firms

There can be hardly any doubt about the fact that US businesses and organizations are more exposed to the latest technologies and trends than other parts of the world. This robust exposure to tech innovations made the US a battlefield for the world’s biggest IT companies to try new solutions and IT products.

As the technology landscape continues to evolve, creating new opportunities and challenges for organizations, it is important to note that the most dominant app development trends and technologies face the highest demand among US firms. 

We provide a detailed list of the most in-demand tech skills across US firms. 

ReactJS & React Native 

React is still the in-thing in the app development world for driving growth. Across US firms, React.js still remains to be the most demanded programming language skill, and it occupies more than one-tenth of all high-demand programming skills out there. React is also the language that takes up more than one-third of all frontend job roles. 

The component-based and modular architecture, powerful libraries, and ease of coding made React a dominant language for frontend development tasks. Any app development consultant will swear by this popularity of React fueled by modern features such as hot reloading, performance savvy one-way data binding, robust community support, and several others. 

With the React variation for cross-platform mobile app development, the React Native framework is also in high demand for app projects across the niches. The popularity of ReactJS for web projects and React Native for cross-platform mobile app development go hand in hand with many US companies and organizations. Let’s not also forget that React is also in demand as a skill alongside Python or NodeJS backend development. 


Python, as the leading server-side programming language, has remained extremely popular for years because of several key features and capabilities such as easily readable coding, capability to develop complex computing features, simplified syntax and lower learning curves, huge library support, and dynamic typing, etc. 

No wonder, for the increasing number of fintech and computation-savvy apps, Python is preferred by most US companies and organizations. Already Python is preferred by nearly one-fifth of projects for server-side development. With its robust capabilities, increasing community support, and uniquely readable syntax, Python will be a mainstay in the development world of the USA. 

An interesting trend in the US points towards the simultaneous demands for React and Python programming skills. Many projects that prefer Python as the server-side programming language consider React as their preferred library for the frontend development. 

Cloud-based SaaS platforms 

Cloud Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Services (GCS) has continued to gain popularity for several years. In the US, AWS and GCS have a huge market growth. From providing business-specific solutions to allowing companies to use serverless technologies to flexible pay-as-you-use payment models, several crucial advantages of these platforms made them so popular quickly. 

AWS happens to be the most in-demand DevOps programming skill in the US. Companies prefer to use AWS simply because of the flexibility of the cloud-based SaaS model, scalability of the solutions, uncompromising security, and unparalleled cost benefits because of the flexibility to pay only for the services and for the duration one uses them. AWS is increasingly being used along with other popular frontends, backend, and database technologies such as React, TypeScript, NodeJS, PostgreSQL, etc.

NodeJS is now the most popular technology for server-side development in the US. It is the staple choice for all projects that want to rely on JavaScript for everything. Moreover, NodeJS is the backend development technology that is used across the leading full technology stacks such as MEAN, MERN, and MEVN. Nearly one-fourth of all the backend development jobs need NodeJS development skills. 

Here comes an interesting twist. An increasing number of tech jobs requiring NodeJS as a key skill also require to React skill as a simultaneous criterion. So, there is increasing demand for developers with simultaneous command over NodeJS and React in the US. Together these two technologies are going to be the most sought-after skills for web projects of the future. 


Blockchain, the decentralized database system that took the world by storm and became the key technology for leading cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Etherium, has now been embraced by apps and solutions of many other industry niches as well. Blockchain solutions are high in demand across the financial sector in the US.

Blockchain is increasingly getting traction across other industries such as healthcare, trading, supply chain management, and several others. Apart from cryptocurrencies, Blockchain is actively being used for trending Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) and Smart Contracts to facilitate transactions of unique commodity value and for facilitating transparent dealings. 

AI & Machine Learning 

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies are now key elements of intelligent, intuitive, and customer-centric digital products and interfaces. AI and ML technologies are now high in demand for driving personalization in digital solutions. 

From building powerful recommendation engines to allowing custom search based upon audience preferences, AI and ML technologies have made significant inroads into the digital landscape. The demands of these two technologies also sync with the increasing popularity of voice chat, voice search, and voice interactions. In the IT development landscape of the US, AI, ML, chatbots, and voice search will continue to grow in demand. 

Wrapping Up

Did you expect some more technologies to appear on this list? Well, the tech landscape of the US is equally vast as its geographic territory. Naturally, apart from these common and dominant trends and technologies, there are several ones that are still influential in many contexts. Here we only tried to focus on the gross trends in the popularity of certain technologies.  

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