The Most Upcoming Android App Development Trends for 2022

Android - the mobile market segment that has the most users worldwide! To be precise, Android smartphones hold a market share of about 71% globally, with more than 2.5 billion active users in 2021. With most smartphones, such as Motorola, HTC, Samsung, and many more using Android OS, it has hit popularity instantly. 

With the rapid growth of Android in the mobile market, Google took significant control of the operating system. Google Play Store has developed massively in the last few years, achieving revenue of USD 38.6 billion in 2020. Over 2.9 million applications were available in the Play Store in 2020, which were installed over 100 billion times. (Yes, you read right!) 

Ok, enough of boasting, now let’s talk about Android app development and its latest trends in 2022. Before you talk a deep dive into exploring your app developer options, it is important to know recent trends in Android app development. 

First of all, make sure what trends and unique features you wish to incorporate for your mobile app. Accordingly, choose the framework that goes best with it. After that decide whether you want to hire an in-house team or want to outsource it. Outsourcing app development is no big deal, but hiring the best out of many is, indeed! Suppose, you can also choose to React Native app development for your mobile app development, but again it all depends upon the trend ideas you set for your app. 

Considerations To Make Before Developing Your Android App

Rush can spoil everything for you! Take things slowly; there is no hurry. There are some factors you must consider before you build your android app. Below are some aspects to look into:

User Demand: So now, you have an app idea, but first, you need to think about how this app will solve your users’ problems, or how it will be valuable for them. For instance, you are all set to develop a chat app, but it might not be successful because there are several chat apps already out there. Unless you address the pain point of the existing users or offer something unique, there is no scope!

Market Research: Before creating your app, make sure that the market is ready to accept it. Because if it is not really required, it may lead to a total disaster. Several startups and businesses have failed due to poor market research or not understanding the current market trends. Just remember - timing matters a lot!

Competitor Analysis: Learn from your competitors. Avoid making the mistakes they did. And learn good techniques from them. It is important that you closely observe your competitors and figure out what they did was great and what wasn’t. And how can you provide better services to your target audience? 

App Trends: Always remember that what was trending five years ago is no longer a trend today. Change is inevitable. And your business needs to adapt to it as well. If you offer something outdated, who is going to want it? Hence, you must update yourself in this area to render a better experience to your users. 

The Top Android App Development Trends in 2022

1. Wearable Apps

This is one of the recent Android app development trends that offer promising growth for the next several years. Wearable apps are integrated into your wearable devices like smartwatches that give users ease of using everything from their wrist instead of carrying phones. 

Besides health and fitness apps that you see in Apple watches or Fitbits, there will be a climb in market share for various wearable applications. 

2. Mobile Wallets

Digital payment has made human life easier. Imagine you left your house with your phone, but forgot your wallet, and now you need to pay for your shopping! Will you go back home when you have your smartphone with you? Of course not! 

Today, there are several digital wallets like PayPal, Paytm, Google Pay, and many more that offer ease to pay by simply scanning a QR code or entering the person's mobile number. 

Did you know- mobile wallets and other payment gateways have secure encryption for payments and transactions. Due to their convenience and security, e-wallets are used by several modern users. 

Nowadays, even banks have their mobile banking apps where users can easily conduct financial transactions and do bill payments to third-party merchants. 

3. AI & ML

Smartphones are already using artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to offer users an incredible experience, improved functionality, and superb security. 

In fact, you should know that mobile app security has been transformed due to AI and ML. Several online payment platforms such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, and PayPal use biometrics and face recognition to recognize users and secure them from frauds and hacks. 

ML also helps app developers to reduce the time taken to develop the app. Moreover, this technology also reduces errors that might have been unavoidable by humans. Tons of existing mobile applications are now implementing AI to offer personalization to their users.

If you plan to create an app, integrating AI will increase your chances of success. AI can be helpful for those who have to analyze a lot of information. For instance, for an eCommerce app, AI can boost your sales. A blend of AI & ML will examine customers’ purchase behavior and recommend products to them. A few great examples are - Spotify, Amazon, Netflix, and many more.

4. Blockchain 

This is one of the most trending technologies today. The blockchain market is constantly rising and is projected to reach $20 billion by 2024.

Blockchain technology comes to the rescue in regards to users' concerns, such as security and data confidentiality. Android mobile apps use this tech in several ways, one of which includes creating decentralized apps, and using blockchains like Ethereum, to store their data and perform various functions. 

Blockchain tech will help android app development companies to maintain solid security standards. This is becoming a quick trend even in financial segments like cryptocurrencies and NFTs. 

5. Internet of Things (IoT)

One of the coolest technologies, IoT, has caught the eyes of several businesses. IoT enables devices to communicate with each other and users can operate machines at their fingertips. 

Android apps adopt this mechanism where it controls machines along with apps connected to IoT devices. 

IoT apps linked to smart homes, health, sports, and many other areas will rise, and with time people will learn more about what this tech has to offer. Managing big factories and other gadgets has become effortless as Android has launched several IoT options. 

6. 5G Tech

5G technology is paving its path into this world. But what is 5G? It is new gen of telecommunications network that supports high-end apps in AR & VR, streaming advanced videos, and interconnected to IoT gadgets. 

Moreover, 5G will be a hundred times quicker than 4G. Hence, implementing this will improve mobile app performance. 

Compared to previous techs, 5G will bring you better bandwidth and speed, reduced latency, smooth connectivity, ensuring minimum interruptions, etc. As per sources, approx. 1.4 billion gadgets are expected to use 5G tech in the next 5 years. This technology will indeed have a massive impact on generations to come. (

7. Augmented Reality (AR)

Pokemon Go - a very popular example of how AR apps deliver a priceless experience! AR and VR technologies have strengthened today's technological world with their magic. 

Businesses can get the most of it by blending AR and VR into one app, as such apps have several uses in industrial areas. Moreover, AR and VR can help businesses exhibit their products and services in a great way. For example, customers can see how a product will look on them before buying it. Sephora has already implemented this tech in its Sephora Makeup App to allow users to see themselves in digital makeup, and thus make the right purchase. 

8. Foldable Apps

This is one of the Android app development trends. Samsung has launched its foldable OLED display which has made several smartphone users crazy. Samsung has used a foldable display to enhance the smartphone experience, and app development companies should do the same by incorporating this trend for compatibility. 

Several companies like Spotify, Twitter, Amazon Prime Video, MS Office, and Facebook have made their apps compatible with foldable devices. Now is your turn to do the same. 

Final Words

Every year begins with innovations and ideas, and it becomes imperative for businesses to keep up with them to render a better user experience. 

Staying Up to date with the latest trends can give competitive advantages.. If you fail to keep your business upgraded, you will not stand out in the market where it is already difficult to survive. 

Mobile apps have fully transformed the way brands function, and mobile apps have become a better way for companies to interact with their customers. 

Keep an eye on future trends, because the more updated you stay, the more you progress!

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