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Wearables are the latest electronic devices incorporated into items that can be comfortably worn on a body. They are used for tracking information on real time basis. It can be synced with mobile devices or laptop computers. Thus, wearables are the next big innovation in the world of technology.

Cerdonis Technologies, LLC have an eye towards technology and has given exceptional services for wearables development in terms of design and embedded software development. With a gamut of skills that perfectly fits into the required expertise, we have undertaken innovative wearable services with creative control.

Areas where Wearables are used

Wearable spectacle cameras, Fitness bracelets, Activity trackers, Vital monitors, Healthcare devices, Fabric-contained devices, Surveillance devices, Wearable computers, Smart watches, Smart glasses, Virtual devices, Augmented Reality headsets and Smart accessories.

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Uses of Wearable technology

  • Wearables bring high mobility
  • Give live access to data
  • Provides context-awareness to the lives of users
  • Offer the wearer the ability to move freely and be in touch with all the information
  • It aims to influence the fields of health, fitness, education, transportation, finance, gaming etc.
  • The hands-free nature of the wearable devices makes it very useful for business development.
  • Tracking feature in wearables makes it easier to locate thus making the workplace more efficient and safer.
  • Hands-free access to important data helps researcher and technicians to be more efficient at their work.

Different types of Wearables devices present in the market today!

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Smart Watches

Smart watches while showing time also provides users notifications on their calls, messages, emails etc.

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Fitness Tracker wrist bands

Keeps a detailed track of the number of steps the user walks each day to monitor the heart rate. Even you can get an accurate data on calorie burn.

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Head Mounted Display

Get to experience a world of virtual reality directly in front of your eyes.

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Sports Watches

This wearable keeps a track on sports activities like running, cycling, swimming etc. With an inbuilt GPS tracker, it can record information on the user’s pace, heart rate etc.

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Smart jewelry

It is basically used by women’s who prefer to get notified with their text messages, calls or emails when their phone is out of reach.

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Smart Clothing

The latest wearable in the market is of smart clothing which gives an interesting and fashionable look during the trail without a need to wear the dress.

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Implantable devices are surgically implanted under the skin to keep track on contraception’s, insulin levels etc.

Application of Wearable Devices among Industries

Wearable devices are used for a variety of industries which are mentioned below: -


Majority of wearable products are used by fitness trackers and assistants, as they help them to achieve their fitness goals.


Wearable devices like Smart watches can be used easily to message and answer calls from your wrist, without the need of your phone. It also understands gesture recognition.

Dieting & Sleep management

By wearing a wearable one can measure calories burned, and keep an analysis wherever they go. Even you can get some dieting as per your routine. The wrist bands also have a highly developed smart wake-up technology that adapts to the user's sleep phases.

Expenditure tracking and wireless payments

A smart watch could let you check your credit card balance instantly by means of a single click thus making it easier and smarter to handle expenditure and wireless payments.

Wireless key

All the wearable devices have an authorization tool for locking and unlocking your laptop, door, car or PC, thus make your home more secure.

Why Hire Cerdonis Technologies, LLC for developing wearables?

The spurt of the wearables market for quite some time has created some best practices for developing applications to use with wearables among the designers of Cerdonis Technologies, LLC. The main goal of wearable devices is to smoothly enter the daily lives of individuals and become a functional part of them. The professional team of developers at Cerdonis Technologies, LLC goes far beyond screen boundaries and touch-based controls in wearable development, thus ensuring to be one of the best wearable developers in Chicago and Onalaska USA. The key points of services connected with design and development of wearable solution are:


Reliability and durability in the products


User-friendly device design


Captures and processes signals from wearable sensor systems


Extended sensory UX


Build architecture for M2M communication


Battery heating maintenance


Excellent Performance


Introduce the most convenient data visualization ways


Network continuity support

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Wearable technology will continue to drive more growth opportunities for businesses. If you want to take on this opportunity with a user-centric wearable app, our wearable app development experience and expertise can just fit your needs. Let's hear from you!

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