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Voice technology is being used everywhere around the world, giving some powerful user experiences thus making it one of the most exciting technologies in the tech world.

Combining with machine learning features, Cerdonis Technologies, LLC has enhanced the use of voice apps leveraging its vast potential to play make an impact on the auditory world. With products like Google Home and Amazon Echo, voice apps are in full swing but we can boost the power to dictate speech to text or use voice to change the volume, efficiently and easily.

Primary Features of our Voice Apps

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  • Our Voice apps constitute a strong brand for competing with their competitors.
  • The interface includes unique features that relieves hands from commanding and touching and goes beyond UI.
  • We leverage voice apps and its infinite array of natural possibilities in terms of conversations and online searches
  • We adorn smart speakers with complex apps that are worthy competition to AR and VR devices.
  • We leverage products to be more productive while laying a new medium for businesses to connect with their customers.
  • We are expanding boundaries of voice technology by hiring voice app developers and engineers to develop new voice apps that will shape the future of voice tech.
  • We help clients connect with customers on intimate level to boost customer experiences and new dimensions of brand reach, as one of the most prominent Voice mobile app development companies in US.

Different Types of Voice Apps

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Voice recognition

typically refers to recognizing a specific person’s, used especially for biometric security reasons.

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Speech recognition

refers to recognizing speech patterns and words and then extract meaning from them.

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refers to a field, where spoken sounds control devices and apps.

How Does Voice App Work?

  • A sound initiates a decision or action in the mechanics of the gadget
  • The medium chops up sound into smaller pieces and computes probabilities on the soundbites.
  • Speech recognition sends voice snippets to cloud servers for remote data processing
  • The samples are returned after processing with translations
  • Leverages natural, spoken language with freedom of expression and natural searches
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Benefits of Voice Applications

Frictionless Design

Voice Apps have “invisible interface” which gives frictionless experiences because there are no buttons, no menus, no manuals and even no UI. It is an open domain input rather than rote command memorization.

Voice- And Audio-Only Interfaces

No need to apply fingers in a variety of situations when a user interface is impractical. For e.g. in medical care, or cooking.


In a world that’s still largely designed for sighted and people, voice apps offers huge accessibility benefits with no need for other senses to work other than sound/ audio.

USPs and Differentiators of our Voice App Development Services

By making use of artificial intelligence and machine learning, we offer voice app development with a difference! Hire voice app developers from Onalaska, USA who will form a perfect team to work on complex projects.

Know how Cerdonis Technologies, LLC has been a pioneer in voice assistant technology, catering to various custom voice- applications development services, providing testimony that we are one of the most competent Voice app development companies in Onalaska and Chicago, USA. Our Voice app development process and approach trumps up drawbacks and problems in a systematic manner:

We balance initiation of voice modes with touch applications without proving it to be a hassle for users who avoid unnecessary physical constraints and want complete accessibility to support several commands.

Noisy surroundings are an issue, and we ensure that there is ample noise reduction in our premises and in the technology that can restore speeches in pristine quality.

In several spaces, on the busy subway or in a movie theatre, it could be tough to activate voice apps. We ensure that the apps are used properly by toggling touch and voice for directions.

With lot of research and experience, we have managed to crack the regional differences in accent, pronunciation and vocabulary, to enhance the quality of the voice apps and are continuing to work on the nuances.

Human communication is now given proper context with our batch of voice apps treating several interactions independently, enhancing the meaning of the conversation.

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