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Power BI is an analytics tool that helps in interacting with data and then renders valuable insights to make better decisions for the enterprise. This interactive tool presents visualizations that present a clear picture of overall performance metrics without the need for comprehensive dashboards that deliver it all. It works on web browsers and available only a few clicks away.
Cerdonis Technologies, LLC leverages Power BI with its business intelligence experts to deliver smart visualizations that aid decision-making in right earnest.

Need of Power BI Data Analytics Services:

  • Easy Deployment
    Power BI Data Analytics give smooth and inexpensive deployment. One can view any reports from web browser. It can be easily shared with Microsoft credentials. Business software’s can get connected with Power BI to share the data with a larger audience.

  • Exceptional Visuality and Versatility
    Users have the facility to edit and create their own dashboards. The visual tools of Power BI are massive and their features are growing constantly.

  • Detailed In-Depth Analysis
    All the reports are minutely filtered whether it is about dates, names or products. It has the feature to view detailed and consolidated data simultaneously.

  • Simple Report-Sharing and Mobile Use
    Viewing a report through Power BI data has become easy which helps to manage the project by multiple users simultaneously. Gives you real time notifications which helps to take active action.

Benefits of Power BI Data Analytics

  • Helps in transforming large data masses.
  • Helps in understanding about business data with the tools of Power BI analytics.
  • Can retrieve data from multiple sources.
  • Easy to manage data reports.
  • Reports can be automatically updated without wasting any time.
  • Can access the reports from anywhere, at any time.
  • Data that are not used are saved in the larger databases of never to be used.
  • Supports a wide range of data sources like Flat Files, OData Feed, AZURE, Cloud platform, Hadoop, or Active directory.
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Primary features of Power BI Data Analytics

Leveraging Power BI’s powerful language recognition engine, we can help you analyze data by asking simple questions without the need for special coding abilities. Here’s what more we can get it to do:

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  • Utilize Power BI Quick Insights to search datasets for interesting insights
  • Apply transformations to data source objects with M, a functional programming language
  • Renders access to real-time datasets with immediate visibility into business processes.
  • Easy to design Direct Query models to avoid limitations in import-based models.
  • Rich filtering capabilities across the query, data model and Visualization components.
  • Reduces workload of Import and Direct Query Data Models with personalized tools.
  • Retrieve and consolidate files from multiple network locations.
  • Integrates data from more than one source, efficiently and securely.
  • Supports modeling relationships for multiple businesses utilizing bidirectional relationships.
  • Advanced analytics include forecasting, clustering of historical data with multiple validations.
  • Reports are available on multiple platforms and deices.
  • Instantly Share Dashboards with users.
  • Using drag-and-drop functionality, end-users will be able to create their own reports at a fastest time around.
  • A user can drill into the visualization of the report and can look at the data that comprises it.
  • Allows users to schedule data refresh to hourly or daily basis.

Why Choose Cerdonis Technologies, LLC for Utilizing Power BI?

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Cerdonis Technologies, LLC encompass integrated solutions for all diverse data sets and provides exemplary service in Power BI Data.


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Leverages integrations with Power BI in the existing infrastructure.


Our team of Power BI developers helps uncover hidden insights of the data that enhance business workflows.


With better strategic awareness and faster reporting, overheads are lowered thus helping companies to boost ROI.


Bring scattered data together under one single dashboard.

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