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Internet of Things (IoT) is actually a pretty simple concept, where all the physical objects are being connected to the internet. It is identified to other devices with the help of sensor technologies, wireless technologies and QR codes.

Cerdonis Technologies, LLC as a IOT app development company in USA, leverages the concept of IoT beyond all complexities and proposes solutions with proper digital representation, connected with discrete gadgets. We ensure that clients can make use of the ability to send and receive information, enhancing simple electrical and electronic gadgets smart and useful. Additionally, our team of smart IoT app developers in Chicago, USA ensure connected things boast of ample storage and processing for maximum benefits.

Our Strategic Process for IoT applications

All the things that are being connected to the internet can be divided into three categories:


Collecting and Sending Information

Basically, in this category sensor is the main thing that collects information from the environment and in turn allows to make more intelligent decisions. There is various type of sensors: - temperature sensors, motion sensors, air quality sensors, light sensors, soil moisture sensor etc. Just as our five sensory organs allow humans to make sense of the environment, likewise sensors allow machines to make sense of the world.


Receiving and Acting on Information

We have been very familiar with electronic gadgets getting information and then giving result on it. For example, a printer receives a document and it prints it, even a car receives a signal from your car keys and the doors open, Google smart devices listen to our orders of switching on the light and does the same. There are endless examples where we have seen what machines do from far away by a single command.


Doing Both Collection and Action on Information

In this we can see that the things will do both the tasks like for example sensors will collect information about the soil moisture to tell the farmer how much to water the crops, but you will not need any human to do that task, but with a proper irrigation system it can automatically turn on as needed, this will done with all the inputs given to the thing beforehand.

Benefits of Hiring IoT App developers from Cerdonis Technologies, LLC

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Thus, with over years of experience in this field and giving exceptional services to all industries Cerdonis Technologies, LLC is one of the best IoT application development company in Onalaska, USA.

  • Hiring IoT developing services from Cerdonis Technologies, LLC allow businesses to focus on outcomes by enriching their digital transformation.
  • They are able to provide end-to-end IoT solution with coverage over sensors, gateways, cloud, connectivity, and analytics benefits.
  • The facility of device management from Cerdonis Technologies, LLC can swiftly handle security issues and thus enjoy stable services
  • You can get innovative, real-time edge analytics solutions with better insights.
  • Provides integrating secure ecosystem businesses for transactions and connections across the ecosystem.
  • The Engineering Services of Cerdonis Technologies, LLC enable organizations to gain a competitive edge.
  • It has standards compliant automated system to manage across multiple standards easily.

Our IoT Solutions for different industries

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IoT Apps will provide a live view of the locations of each piece of maintenance equipment of the airplane to the engineers. It is not only generating significant cost savings and but will impact the customer experience by delivering on-time flights.

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IoT based smart applications will detect medications temperature thus ensuring that medical supplies meet the quality standard setup by medicine department. Other than this it will also give a reminder to patients when and what are the medications they have to take.

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In the manufacturing industry IoT Apps specially perform all maintenance and optimize lighting tasks thus enriching the service-oriented business.

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Some insurance companies offer policy holders to wear a Fitbit wrist band to assess the vitality of the insurer and implement wellness benefits with life insurance. Thus, we can see through IoT applications that people are getting rewards to instill positive actions in routine lives.

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Business Services

Our team of IOT app developers in USA can facilitate business service providers with IoT apps that enable timely alerts about service issues and take immediate action. These apps have tremendously cut costs of doing manual checks and has improved service levels drastically.

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Media & Entertainment

We can create IoT applications to give the media and entertainment industry lot of avenues to understand the sentiment of people. It analyses the traffic patterns in real time and help sponsors to understand the perfect platform to advertise their means.

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Internet of Things (IoT) boasts of a connected reality that plays a primary role in all spheres of life. We can help you deliver a unique connected user experience through IoT apps. Let us know about your IoT app idea!

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