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A mobile game development company in the USA that helps you create games that stun your users with fascinating gameplay. Connect with cerdonis technologies to make us your game development partner & hire mobile game developers that will up your game by creating high-end mobile games from Unreal Engine, Unity2D & 3D, and Cocos2D for both Android & iOS platforms. Choose the one-stop solution and captivate your users with games that have power-packed features & functionalities & give an unmatched gaming experience!

Cerdonis as Your Mobile Game App Development Company

We are Cerdonis, a well-experienced mobile game app development company based in the USA. Leading from the front with our power-packed mobile game app development services, we orient towards creating games combining the best gaming elements & creating them in the best gaming forms for your users. Having created a multitude of mobile games in various niches, we are a team of pro gaming developers who love to play and create enchanting mobile games. Creating games that captivate your users in the first go itself, we develop games that are a perfect amalgamation of innovation and technology. From developing games in Unity3D to Unreal Engine games, our gaming connoisseurs leverage the power of technology to create mobile games that not only rank high but are also liked by users alike.

Being the ultimate game developing experts in the USA, our game app development strategy is based on designing & developing games with the latest features & technologies. Partnering with us means partnering with our team of mobile game app developers that are sure to bring your mobile game idea in the best possible way forward. Our power-packed mobile game development services offer stunning, mind-blowing mobile game solutions. Connect with us to partner with a game development company that creates enchanting beautiful mobile games.

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Types of Mobile Games

We not only focus on developing a game, but we focus on bringing a successful game to everyone’s pockets. Putting in a great effort, our expertise lies in developing top-notch game solutions for different types of genres that run smoothly across iOS & Android.

  • Action-adventure
  • Kids game
  • Educational game
  • Casual game
  • Role-playing game
  • Social game
  • Sandbox game
  • Puzzle game
  • Multi-player game
  • Simulation game
  • Strategies based game
  • Shooter game

Game Design & Development tools

Leveraging futuristic gaming design tools & technologies, we turn your gaming idea into an amazing artistic mobile game.

  • Unreal Engine
  • Unity3D
  • Cocos2D-X
  • Photoshop
  • HTML5
  • Illustrator
  • Phaser

Our Mobile Game Development Services

The mobile game industry is a large-scale industry evolving at its own rapid pace. The aim of creating a mobile game is to fabricate a rich graphics & animation-based environment that enthralls the users to play the game & have lasting impressions. At Cerdonis, our mobile game creators turn your gaming fantasy into reality by making use of high-end game graphics tools like Unity & Illustrator to create appealing & engaging 2D & 3D mobile games. Whether you want to give your existing mobile games a stellar makeover through mobile game design or want to up the gameplay, we are professional mobile game builders offering full fledged mobile game development services.


360° Mobile Game Development Solution

From developing battleground games to puzzle games, at Cerdonis, our passionate mobile game programmers specialize in creating mobile games. Be it designing the game or giving it a rich finish, our dedicated techies are here to assist you from start to finish.


Mobile Game Art, Design & Animation

The key to a flawless mobile game lies in its design, art & animation. Our team of creative & talented mobile game artists gives your game an artistic touch making it unblemished & impeccable by using game development tools like Phaser, Photoshop & Illustrator. From animating your games to designing the gaming characters, our games are well put together in a highly-optimized and user-friendly way.


Mobile Game Development

With years of experience as a mobile game development agency, we know what will best suit your unique gaming idea. Leveraging the full potential of iOS, Android & Unity platforms, our mobile game development is concentrated on coding & developing a mobile game with top-notch dynamic gameplay, a remarkable interface & captivating graphics.


Mobile Game Testing

Being one of the leading mobile game companies, we are known for offering end-to-end gaming services. Our services include testing your mobile game, crushing the bugs out, and ensuring that your game remains flawless to play with for the end-users. Our team of QAs test your mobile game from all aspects and make your game a game that is high in performance, speed efficient, and one that has awesome gameplay.

Mobile Game Development Process

Our games have been the pinnacle of success for our clients. And behind our successful games is a rock-solid process. Blending your unique idea with our expertise & a brilliant approach, we usher in gaming solutions that are downloaded by millions all over the world.

  • Founding the base for your unique game idea
  • Building an interactive storyline, complementing with reward elements
  • Making an excellent gaming strategy
  • Choosing - game development platform & engine
  • Designing & developing the mobile game
  • Testing the mobile game
  • Choosing the monetization strategy
  • Launching your mobile game & delighting your users!

A Mobile Game Development Studio That Strategically Develops Your Game.

The mobile gaming market is a trillion-dollar market. And to help our client have a million dollar part in it, we make sure to develop your games on the best of platforms. Being a professional mobile game makers team, our games are intricately designed & developed for robust top-notch mobile game platforms.


iPhone Platform

Specializing in developing mobile games for both iPhone & iOS, we are a disruptive mobile game development house offering extensive technical expertise for games based on Apple devices. From awesome graphics to single & multiplayer games for iOS, our mobile game publishers make use of SpriteKit to develop stunning games for iOS.

And so when you partner with us to hire a mobile game app development company, you connect with a pool of talented game architects that are up for changing your game!


Android Platform

We are a top-rated game development organization using state-of-the-art technologies, creating games tailor-made for your needs. Leveraging the potential of Unreal Engine, our Android mobile game creators deliver highly-innovative mobile games. With a vast years of experience, we engineer games for Android smartphones, Android tablets, Android wearables, and Android TV. Our certified Android game developers fill your game with tech-rich features & functionalities.


AR/VR Game App Development

Deliver unmatched experiences to your users by efficiently using AR-VR game technologies. Our team of skilled AR/VR experts creates AR-VR-based games that give your game the latest touch with an unparallel user experience and a high-defined gaming experience that your users are bound to fall in love with.

With our AR/VR game solutions, we offer a gaming experience that is filled with surprises & realistic gaming effects.


Unity Game App Development

Develop your unique, exciting game idea with Unity in a fascinating, compelling way. From 2D, 3D, or AR/VR game creation, the Unity platform is your all-in-one solution to develop power-packed games, combined with trending graphics, innovation & animation, & automotive. Hire mobile game development company and cater to your users’ action-adventure needs by choosing Unity for an awesome game!

Hire Mobile Game Development Partner With Flexible & Convenient Hiring Models.

We are not only proud of ourselves for being the best in town when it comes to mobile game app building, but our hiring models also follow suit. At Cerdonis, we ensure that our client comes first, and that’s why we have hiring models that meet all types of client requirements. Partner with us - a game app development firm with the most flexible & convenient hiring models!

Looking to hire game app developers only for a particular gaming phase, let’s say - only for the animation & graphics part? Go for the Scrum team model, hire a gaming professional, and get, set, go! Get your game to the App Store faster & see your dream turning into reality!

Is your scope of work fixed, and you are sure about the elements you want in your game? Guarantee yourself a fixed budget, regardless of how big your scope of work is or how long it will take to develop your app. Get your game app idea fixed with a fixed cost model.

Want a hiring model that only considers the time your developer has worked on your gaming app? Select the hourly rate model and hire game app developers that will only charge you for the hours they have worked in programming your game. Hire your gaming connoisseurs in a budget-friendly way.

Want to hire game app developers that will solely work on developing your game? Choose none other than the dedicated hiring model and connect with dedicated resources. Cherry-pick your dedicated game app developer today.

Why Hire Cerdonis Technologies LLC as Your Mobile Game Development Company?

For the years being, Cerdonis has been known to be the best mobile game development agency in the USA for offering top-notch gaming services. With a team of qualified artistic mobile game builders at Cerdonis, we lead the game with an exceptional eye toward the aesthetics & composition of the game. From offering in-budget game solutions to on-time deliveries, at Cerdonis, we are here to engineer games for you that your users truly love.

  • End-to-end mobile game app development services
  • Creative game app developers
  • Average 4+ years of experienced game developers
  • AR-VR game experts
  • Flexible & Convenient Hiring Models
  • Transparent communication
  • Stringent NDA policy
  • Agile and waterfall methodologies
  • Exclusive post-launch maintenance & support


1) Which is the most popular gaming genre in today’s time?

For the time being, action-adventure games have been a popular gaming genre liked by users worldwide. However, it is to be noted that the gaming genre preferences changes with the age group. You can choose the game type based on your liking & preferences; it can be a puzzle game or a role-playing game! Every game type has its own set of the target user group.

2) What is mobile game development?

Developing a game is a revolutionary process of taking your unique game idea from planning to launching it and beyond. It involves choosing a platform for your game, features, game setting, framing the storyline and the characters, and going for selecting a monetization policy that is the best fit for your product. More importantly, developing a mobile game involves designing & programming the game, adding visuals, enchanting graphics, testing it, and deploying and creating it in a way that wins your users at first go itself & keeps them enthralled.

3) What are the different game genres available?

There are varied types of game genres available; you can choose your game solutions from the following - Role-playing games, action-adventure games, Sandbox games, Puzzles, Multi-player battleground games, educational games, and Real-world simulation games, Strategies based games, and Shooter games.

4) How much time does it take to develop a game?

The time to develop a game depends on many components. If your game idea is complex, requiring working on many features & functionalities, naturally, it may take more time to develop a mobile game. When you hire mobile game development company, it takes approx. 3 - 8 months to develop a mobile game. The less complex your game idea is, the less time it takes to develop your game.

5) What are some of the game development platforms?

Our expert Mobile game developers usually make use of Unity3D, Cocos2d, UnrealEngine, and SpiritKit to create mind-blowing games.

6) What is the cost of developing a mobile game?

The cost of developing a mobile game depends on the developers’ hourly rate, game platform, features & functionalities, graphics & visuals elements, etc. You can contact us to get a free quote for your mobile game idea in just 24 hours!

7) How can I monetize my mobile game?

There are indeed many ways to earn money from your app. You can either go for in-app purchases, advertising, a premium or freemium model, or a subscription-based monetization policy.

8) Which platforms do you develop games for?

We are well-recognized as the leading mobile game development company in the USA, and we leave no stone unturned to usher our clients with only the leading mobile game solutions. At Cerdonis, we develop games for both iOS and Android platforms. Additionally, we offer cross-platform mobile game services to help clients launch their games on a multitude of platforms & get better reach.

9) What are the hiring models if I want to hire mobile game developers from you?

We not only offer the best mobile game development solutions, but our hiring models are also based on giving clients complete control over how they want to proceed with the process of creating a mobile game. If you want to hire mobile game developers from us, you can choose from - the Scrum team model, Dedicated hiring model, Fixed cost model, and Hourly rate model.

10) Can my game be developed with React Native or Flutter?

React Native & Flutter are recently released cross-platform frameworks. Moreover, these frameworks are still in the improvement stage for building a mobile game. If your mobile game idea is a simple one, you can definitely go for React Native, as it allows programming a simple, hassle-free game for iOS and Android both. However, when it comes to complex mobile game ideas, it’s advisable to stick to separate Android or iOS game platforms to not compromise on the speed and performance of your unique game.

11) Why should I hire Cerdonis as my partnered mobile game development firm?

When it comes to developing a mobile game, it is always suggested to hire a mobile game development company that is experienced, and one that knows the gaming market from the inside out. And yes, we can proudly say that we are a team of mobile game makers who are the best fit to meet and exceed your expectations when it comes to mobile games. Our game-building team comprises gaming connoisseurs who spare no effort in leveraging the full potential of the innovative mobile game world and bringing out a mobile game solution that your users will love to engage & interact with!

12) Do you provide dedicated game development services?

Yes definitely. If you are looking for a company with excellent mobile game creators that will solely work on your project & give undivided attention to it then we do provide dedicated services with dedicated Mobile game app designers and developers to help you get your game idea to the App Stores sooner with a dedicated team of mobile game developers.

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