Vue Native: The Native App Development Framework that Delivers Efficient Cross-Platform Development

Vue Native combines the best of open-source frameworks blending extensive functionality with the familiarity of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for developers who are keen to get on the bandwagon. Read the article to know how Vue.JS offers features and benefits.

The IT industry is a volatile industry with ups and downs, with several trends predicting the next course. Hence companies in the IT industry need to be continuously updated and aligned with the trends in the market. They need to identify with the most recent technologies and be consistently adaptable too. 

Every mobile app development company and a team of mobile app developers need to be building the threshold innovative mobile applications leveraging the recent technologies.

With the development of cross-platform apps coupled with native apps, developers have relied on frameworks to deliver a differentiated solution to the market offerings. Facebook’s React Native is one tool that facilitated affordable cross-platform application development solutions that were a bang for the buck with limited timelines.

Emergence of Vue.JS

Vue.js is one of the most popular tools and frameworks that are gaining traction and popularity owing to its effectiveness in creating efficient native apps.

Here is what you need to know about Native Vue.

  • Built by Evan You in 2014, a former employee at Google, Vue.js is a progressive Javascript framework that helps in building apps with 100% API access.

  • It does not depend on modules and empowers developers to create apps for both iOS and Android 

  • It enables the use of CSS alongside its scoped style for design

  • The structure allows the ability to share code 

Several mobile app development companies are leveraging the benefits offered by Native Vue.js for mobile app development. Samsung, Audi, Cigna, ADP, Qualcomm, and Fidelity are a few of the companies that have leveraged the technology. The number of downloads has been 2.8 million, with more than 5,000 people rating it the highest stars on Github. This is a testimony to the brilliance of the platform itself.

What makes Vue Native perfect for building native apps?

Vue.js offers several advantages for building native apps:

  • All changes get synced rapidly in real-time, with specific tools to make app development faster.

  • Vue, just like React utilizes Document Object Model (DOM) virtually and then compiles down into React native code.

  • It facilitates swift mobile app development.

  • Vue accomplishes reactivity with prompt tracking of changes and automatically updating the DOM. 

  • The platform boasts of immense speed, capable of rendering a number of elements of the DOM on a consistent basis.

  • Vue.js is available software, for all kinds of developers who are conversant with CSS, Javascript, or HTML. You can build a cross-platform app quickly and seamlessly too.

Benefits of using Vue Native

  • Reduced Learning Curve: One of the most accessible frameworks to learn, developers can utilize their existing skills in  HTML and JavaScript to develop intuitive and interactive applications efficiently. 

  • Well-defined Ecosystem: Vue includes efficient developers who can deliver a slew of solutions effectively. This saves time with loads of development speeds.

  • Command-line Interface (CLI): It is an essential factor for the success of Native Vue since; it minimizes scaffolding to a negligible amount. The platform’s project generator encourages developers to commence on their projects effectively. 

Features of Vue Native:

  1. Data binding: Vue.js offers a Data binding feature that manipulates HTML value attributes. It utilizes binding directives to assign classes and is referred to as v-bind.
  2. Virtual DOM: The platform utilizes virtual DOM to impact changes. Every change is made to the data structures they get reflected in the genuine DOM, after proper iterations.
  3. Components: Each of the components of Vue.js include an essential feature that can be leveraged to develop reusable and custom elements in HTML.
  4. Event Handling: Vue.js handles events efficiently utilizing the v-on attribute. The event handling feature is one of the most effective ones.
  5. Directives: Vue.js includes varied directives, including the v-on, v-bind, v-model, v-show, v-if, and the like that can perform a variety of front-end tasks efficiently.
  6. Animation: With Vue.js, element transitions can be handled with interactive animation. All HTML elements animate with every action, including addition, removal, and updates in the DOM. One can even incorporate a third-party animation library for adding new animation features.
  7. Computed Properties: Vue.js offers a plethora of computed properties that deliver important calculations based on changes made to the user interface elements.
  8. Watcher: Every watcher is connected to the changes made to the system since it handles data transformation, ensuring quick, efficient, and clean code.

Vue Native – The End Users

Vue Native can be utilized by all who are conversant with specific languages to fulfill business goals.

If one is conversant with React.js, Vue Native will fit in like a glove. Vue Native bridges the capabilities of both Vue and React, making it ideal for cross-platform app development. It depends on the expertise of the developers to leverage the platform for meeting objectives.

How to enhance the development process with Vue Native

This open-source framework requires the installation of React Native, followed by Vue Native CLI. The platform utilizes Vuex, a state management pattern, and a library that also includes a plethora of application components. Vuexis not essential to your objective if the plan is to develop a simple app. Vuex is crucial for the development of medium-to-large scale Single Page Applications (SPA). 

VueScan delivers outstanding performance by itself, without the agency of MobX or React Router. It can flawlessly handle data binding without having to micromanage DOM owing to its feature of the two-way reactive data-binding framework.


Vue.js facilitates outstanding levels of interactivity in applications ensuring terrific user performance. For your business, one can introduce great features to the app on a rapid basis that affects users positively. Vue.js developers benefit from this advanced mix of JS frameworks combining their features and benefits while accelerating the overall development process. features to the app on a rapid basis that affects users positively. Vue.js developers benefit from this advanced mix of JS frameworks combining their features and benefits while accelerating the overall development process. 

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