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Mobile apps have penetrated the business world in a never-before way. Every business function is now represented by a befitting app feature. No wonder businesses across all niches are running after mobile app development companies to turn their digital presence into successful apps. 

Whether you go to find app developers nearby or outsource the app project to remote developers, you first need to have an understanding of the transforming role played by businesses. Here we are to explain how mobile apps can really create business opportunities and how apps can help create new business success stories.

Key roles played by mobile enterprise apps.

Mobile apps have emerged as the most critical tech front for business enterprises to accommodate many functions and transform businesses into digitized entities. Whether built by an Android or iPhone app development agency, Enterprise apps remain at the forefront of this digital transformation. Let's see some of the critical ways enterprise apps are transforming businesses.

  • Business process automation:

The traditional ERP and CRM suites have become mobile-ready and integrated with the mobile enterprise apps for comprehensive control from anywhere, just through simple screen taps. Mobile app-based automation has reduced scopes of human errors to a minimum level.

  • Mobile management of field staff:

Businesses relying heavily on-field upon staff for on-site service or sales and marketing can enjoy ultimate control and visibility of employee output, whereabouts, and work in real-time.

  • Pushing employee productivity to a whole new level:

In an era when working from home and on-the-move reporting became the new normal, mobile enterprise apps ensure greater flexibility and create more scope for the employees to stay productive.

  • Omnichannel shopping and customer experience:

Retail enterprises and businesses interacting with customers directly now can allow their customers to seamlessly interact and get things done across multiple channels, storefronts, and interfaces thanks to mobile apps.

  • An immersive experience for employees and staff:

Enterprise apps are increasingly embracing cutting-edge technologies like Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality to turn staff training and customer shopping into an immersive experience.

  • Intelligent analytics and decision making:

Mobile enterprise apps equipped with cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies can turn decision-making more intelligent. AI and ML technologies are opening the door to more audience-specific personalized experiences.

Shaping the purchasing decisions of millennials and youth

Millennial customers prefer mobile devices more than any other interfaces for shopping, and they already constitute a large portion of the customer base. They are now one of the major consumer categories for all brands, particularly business brands of retail and consumer goods segments. These customers remain glued to their mobile screens for most of the day and use smartphones more frequently for purchases and transactions.

Naturally, a mobile shopping experience offered through apps can help business brands to drive business conversion. A sophisticated app user experience and attractive user interface can drive purchasing decisions for these millennials and youth. An e-commerce app with an AR shopping feature can easily become popular among this audience.

Seamless accessibility boosting business conversion

Mobile apps ensure instant access to content and features throughout the day, irrespective of the location. Customers can continue browsing the product range on their handheld screens or can continue consuming digital content even while in traffic. This increases the scope of business conversion to a great extent.

These days thanks to advanced caching technology, mobile apps allow limited offline access to certain content and features as well. This further improved the user experience as app users can engage with the app in poor network conditions. Many cloud-based apps allow users to read, watch or edit content offline while the changes get updated as soon as the network connection is restored. Thanks to this offline access, businesses now have better chances of ensuring unperturbed audience engagement resulting in increased business conversion.

Virtual workplaces reduce overhead costs for companies.

There is an often-overlooked way mobile apps can increase ROI for a business, and that is by reducing the overhead employee cost. The mobile workforce in many companies and organizations has become a reality, as more and more companies are allowing employees to use their smartphones to carry out business tasks.

This remote workforce and app-based business operation are helping companies to reduce overhead costs resulting in substantial cost savings. When the overhead cost for skilled staff continues to soar high, mobile workforce and app-based remote business operation can bring down this cost significantly, ensuring a higher Return on Investment (RoI) for the company.

On-demand apps creating new sales opportunities

Increasing Return on Investment through app-based business operation became a real possibility also because of the increasingly popular on-demand apps. The on-demand app market is now expanding continuously, creating a whole new ecosystem-based upon a win-win scenario for businesses and customers across both Business2Business (B2B) and Business2Customer (B2C) segments.

There is now a multitude of business models for on-demand apps. Some businesses on their own deliver items to the customers' doorstep and get the order and notify delivery through an app. There are also third-party aggregator apps that facilitate delivery and services between businesses and customers. The on-demand apps created a whole new ecosystem to help businesses push business conversion.

More sales conversion than the web

Most businesses operating for several years have a web presence, and now they find it extremely difficult to stay competitive in the digital landscape simply with their traditional websites. Despite turning to mobile-friendly and responsive website interfaces, businesses failed to achieve a similar level of business conversion like the mobile enterprise apps. Many businesses are turning to the latest web-app fusion technologies such as Progressive Web Apps (PWA) to fill this gap affordably.

Businesses have experienced increased and steadier business conversion through mobile apps than the web. Thanks to evolving technologies like PWA and Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), there is a smooth transition from the traditional web to a fully-fledged app user experience. Continuous access right from the smartphone screen, continuous business communication through push notifications and in-app messages, ease of interactions with native device features, superior screen-optimized interface and interaction-ready buttons, instant loading, and offline access to certain features and content help mobile apps convert more business than the web.

Pushing business conversion through a personalized experience

Smartphones are small handheld computers with a personal feel and vibe. It brings a personal window to digital content and user experience to the users. Naturally, apps, unlike websites, can no longer just rely on a "one size fits all" kind of user experience to engage users and turn them into customers. Mobile apps through personalized user experience opened up an array of opportunities for business conversion.

From offering customers personalized menu options based upon their frequently required features and contents to personalized notifications and in-app messages based upon their preferences to contextual in-app communication and recommendations based upon customer location data and other triggers, there are several ways mobile apps bring a highly personalized user experience. Thanks to a personalized mobile experience, a customer gets more attached to certain brands resulting in increased and frequent business conversion.

Retargeting customers through a mobile feedback loop

Mobile apps also work as a very effective and efficient feedback loop. An app remaining in constant communication with the customers can easily keep track of customer preferences and choices. Apps can also easily register individual customer complaints and pain points while using the apps.

All these customer communications about the products and services can further be utilized as feedback to improve app user experience, improve products and services, or improve business communication. Ultimately, this feedback-based enhancement helps a business create a better strategy, address customer concerns and improve business conversion.

Retaining customers through engaging apps

Increased customer retention and loyalty ensure higher and steadier business conversion. Any business with many loyal customers achieves more frequent and voluminous sales than businesses with fewer repeat visits and customer footfall.

Mobile apps offering a personalized user interface and user experience connect the audience more personally and ensure more brand attachment. Ultimately this increased customer loyalty results in more customer footfall and business conversion.

Apps make informed purchasing decisions easier.

It is always a priority for every customer to make well-informed purchasing decisions, leaving no confusion or uncertainty regarding the purchase. This is one area where mobile apps are very effective. From real-time access to granular product details to the state of the art immersive technologies such as AR and VR for a life-like product experience, apps improve purchasing decisions better in several ways.

Now intelligent mobile chatbots play a key role in furnishing detailed product information and comparative data and recommendations based upon earlier customer preferences and browsing data. This ultimately results in ensuring more well-informed buying decisions for customers. Well-informed purchases result in fewer returns and refunds and more frequent customer purchases, resulting in enhanced business conversion.

Concluding words

The effectiveness of apps in pushing business conversion is already proven. But it is the quality of your mobile app user experience that counts in a world where every business has a mobile app. So, focus on shaping your app presence and developing a highly engaging and impressive app for your business brand.

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