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For any tech company, the foundation of success depends primarily on the competence of the development team. Since the digital business environment is increasingly becoming competitive, it is of utmost importance to get onboard a team of dedicated app developers versed in state-of-the-art skills and have sufficient exposure across various projects. Often companies decide to hire remote developers team to fulfill their talent hunt.

The expertise and skills of the app developers directly impact the building of a  successful app or software product. There is no alternative to developer talents; however, great IT infrastructure and tools are available to a company. To stay competitive with an app, first and foremost, you need a talented team of developers. After that, you can either hire a remote developer or get onboard the developer talents from your city.

Finding great developers in your city may not always be possible. Moreover, these days companies have decided to hire remote software developers to cut out the budget spending. But hiring remote developers with the right skills, attitude, dedication level, and vision is not easy. Moreover, since app development companies are mushrooming in every part of the globe, you need to be circumspect about the available choices.

But precisely to help you deal with these challenges, we decided to pen down this guide about hiring remote developers. We will explain the key benefits that motivate companies to hire a remote developer and a detailed step-by-step guide on how to hire remote developers.

Benefits of Hiring Remote Developers

The advantages of hiring remote developers are already well known among the business communities. With the option to hire a software remote developer, a company gets wider exposure to talents all over the globe. There are also cost advantages when hiring remote software developers from some countries with a highly competitive markets. you will get the best low-cost to hire remote developers with best services.

Here we explain the key advantages that make businesses still decide to hire a remote developer for their app projects.

Ability to Implement the Perfect Model

As for extending the team capacity, businesses were looking for alternative models to keep their productivity level high while maintaining optimum safety, health, and happiness of the employees. A great work environment strikes a fine balance between productivity and employee happiness.

Particularly during global pandemic situations like Covid-19, businesses could not take the risk of in-house work despite the lack of control on productivity for employees working from home. This is where contractual assignments given to offshore development companies can ensure a better balance. When you hire remote software developers for your project, they come with a mindset to excel most of the time. They commit to getting things done with certain quality standards within a deadline, and working remotely does not cause unnecessary health hazards.

The best part is, you don't need to do away completely with your existing in-house team. Instead, you need to hire remote team who can work alongside your in-house team in a collaborative environment and achieve the intended result. This evolved model by bringing the best of both worlds has become more effective.

Getting Access to the Right Skills

How hiring remote developers could solve the talent problems for tech companies could be best understood in the context of the recent Covid pandemic that practically stopped the operation of many businesses, including tech companies.

IT companies in many parts of the globe could sustain their productivity by hiring remote programmers besides their in-house team. This could solve the workforce crisis and help companies get onboard the right developer skills they need.

Remote hiring further proved to be effective for most businesses because of the right tools and technologies that ensure smooth and easy collaboration among the in-house and remote developers. There are many tools for remote developers that you can use for managing it.  

Addressing the Evolving Business Needs

The increasing popularity of mobile commerce and on-demand apps can serve as an example of how the digital space is evolving, and new business opportunities are emerging thanks to digitization. To meet these evolving demands and challenges, businesses increasingly need to get onboard developers versed with new skills and app models. This is one reason for global companies to hire remote teams.

Businesses are now focusing more on digitizing their business channels while strengthening their core business efficiency through enterprise software systems. In such a competitive and demanding scenario, seasoned developers with experience with enterprise software projects and different business models can play a crucial role.

This is why many businesses are reaching faraway countries for hiring remote developers with advanced skill sets and knowledge on advanced enterprise software systems and required skills. There are many countries with a burgeoning market of startups and small businesses. Naturally, development companies in these countries are well versed with typical challenges faced by small businesses and startups.

Companies that decide to hire a dedicated software development team India, presumably have two focus areas, taking the opportunity of low-cost development and getting onboard experts versed in skills required for startup and small business projects.

When a business needs rapid expansion across other verticals or markets, it cannot get better help than hiring a remote developer team with the right skills and experience across similar projects.

Pushing the Barrier of Future Technologies

Any company that wants to drive innovation to create value for its customers cannot rely on talents available in the vicinity. They need to reach out to talents far and wide to come up with unique solutions. This is another reason for innovation-driven companies to hire a remote software engineers.

As the IT scene is getting competitive with the emergence of new technologies and skillsets, being equipped with advanced developer resources is important now. By hiring remote developers, a development company can get on board the cutting-edge skills they need to cater to innovative app projects.

Key Advantages For Employees

Let's have a quick look at the key advantages of hiring remote developers from the employee perspective.

  • Better work satisfaction: By avoiding the entire commute time and transportation difficulties along with stringent timings, the remote working developers can be more at ease resulting in more positive inputs in their job.
  • More accountability: By working remotely, developers remain more accountable for all their tasks, which helps build their credibility and job responsiveness.
  • Efficient time management: By working remotely, developers need to adhere to different time zones, and accordingly, they need to organize their workflow more productively.
  • Productivity: Because of the relative ease, flexibility, and accountability, remote developers often ensure more productive output than in-house resources.
  • Wide-open career opportunities: Expert remote developers are sought after by development companies and projects worldwide. Hence, they enjoy a better career exposure than the in-house developers.

Key Advantages for Employers

Let's have a quick look at the key advantages of hiring a remote development team from employers' perspectives.

  • Cost competitiveness: Thanks to remote engagement, employers can save the entire cost incurred by office space, workplace utilities, IT infrastructure, and other amenities.
  • Access to huge talent pool: Remote hiring allows development companies to onboard a huge pool of experts and specialists from different backgrounds.
  • Flexibility: The sheet flexibility to hire remote programmers for a project gives a company a lot of freedom and ease in workforce management and talent acquisition.
  • Enhanced employee engagement: The flexible and easy engagement that ensures unparalleled ease for the remote developers ultimately results in better employee engagement and output.

How to Hire Remote Developers? A Step-By-Step by Guide

This is time to explain how to hire remote developers in a step-by-step manner. All over the globe, companies hiring remote teams for their projects follow some time-tested and well-tried methods that are proven effective. So here we are going to explain these steps.

Step 1: Finding the developer's talents

When you want to know how to hire remote software engineers for your app project, you need to start from this step. There are two principal ways for sourcing developer talents, such as posting a job ad and sourcing developer talent online.

  • Posting job ads

To find expert remote software developers for hire, you need to reach out to as many talented developer candidates as possible. This is best done by posting a developer job offer on reputed tech publications and job boards that techies frequently visit. Some of the most frequently visited job sites for techies and developers include CrunchBoardAngelList Stack Overflow and LinkedIn. When posting job ads, never forget to mention that you are only hiring developers for remote assignments. There are also work boards particularly meant for remote employees, such as RemoteOK and We Work Remotely.

  • Freelance marketplaces

If you have a short-term app idea, then hiring remote developers who are freelancers can be a great choice. All you will need is to post a job ad on multiple freelance websites, and you can get connected with a wide range of remote developers. However, if you have a long-term project, you should hire a remote development company with dedicated app development services.

Freelance market places to hire remote developers:

  • Upwork.com
  • Toptal.com
  • Freelancer.com
  • Guru.com
  • Codesera.com
  • Peopleperhour.com
  • Codeable.com

Here you will get gazillions of candidates! Developers in freelance marketplaces compete to win, and sometimes in the rat race, they are ready to offer their services at very cheap rates. ($2.5 - $5) Never fall into such traps. Those are the people who take any work and are not skilled at it. Be cautious.

Don’t compromise; go for the best as it will determine your future app development plans. Make sure to hire a freelancer that is top-rated and has worked on numerous projects. Besides, don’t forget to have one-to-one convos with their previous clients. Up next, we will tell you how to avoid those red flags and hire the remote candidate with the best abilities.

  • Social searching for talents

Online or, more particularly, social media searching for talents is a highly effective method to hire a remote team for your app projects. Since these social platforms are frequented by techies and developers who often hang out with their circle of social acquaintances and friends on various social media platforms, approaching them becomes easier on these mediums. Apart from LinkedIn and Stack Overflow, they can also be reached out through Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and Instagram.

Step 2: Start Screening the Candidates

To know how to hire remote developers, you need to spend a great amount of your time on this step. Once you have come up with your findings, it is time to evaluate each one of them through a meticulous screening process. To hire remote software developers with the right skill and expertise, you need to emphasize this step.

Evaluate developer's accounts on Stack Overflow and GitHub

To hire remote programmers with the desired skill, you can start screening their developer accounts with widely popular platforms such as Stack Overflow and GitHub You should first screen developers from these two platforms. Check the following things on these two platforms.

  • In Stack Overflow, check the volume of responses they give to questions. Check how active a role they play for the community of developers. Apart from their skills, this will show how good they are as team members.
  • In GitHub, check which type of projects they make contributions to as a developer. Take a look at the volume of contributions and repositories associated with them. Apart from these, check their number of followers and the duration they spent on the platform.

​​Step 3: Take a sample programming test

This is another key step embraced by many software projects for hiring a remote software development team for projects. With this step, you can evaluate their practical coding skill with software projects.

There are some great online platforms to help you take sample coding tests by using actual assignments to make things easier for your hiring process. With such tests, developers are given practical assignments, and they are given access to various environments that developers normally use. Developers can access different libraries, platforms such as GitHub, different frameworks, etc., for their coding tasks.

In such sample tests, there is a fixed time limit for coming with the required solution. Apart from regular tests involving whiteboards, such tests also come with specific contexts. Such tests go deeper into the coding skills of the candidates instead of just evaluating the theoretical knowledge.

To hire remote software engineers, the sample coding test is given maximum importance because of their objective nature of evaluation that involves no scope of personal bias, and these tests can be carried out involving automated tools and mechanisms and with least human engagement and their effectiveness in filtering out the candidates with problem-solving skills are established.

Step 4: Soft skills interview

Now that you have finished the screening process, it is time to interview each candidate separately. The primary focus of the interview will be evaluating whether the candidate is right for the company culture. To hire a remote programmer, you also need to know whether they share the values of the company.

Since this interview mainly focuses on personality, attitude and value system, it is mostly handled by the HR team of the company. Therefore, in this interview, mostly behavioural questions are asked to the candidates.

Step 5: Technical interview

For hiring a remote development team, the highest emphasis is given obviously on the technical part. Therefore, when the soft skill interview is already in progress, a technical interview is scheduled.

The technical interview should focus on two key areas: evaluating the experiences and reviewing their technical skills. Such interviews are generally paired with a programming session.

In this interview, the technical team asks the candidate about their past projects, roles and contributions, solved problems, the logic behind choosing one technical solution over the other, etc. When you hire a dedicated software development team, the live coding session often remains a part of this interview process.

Step 6: Pair programming session

This is the final and most crucial stage in your quest to know how to hire remote software engineers for your project. In this pair programming session, along with the candidate, the technical interviewer himself engages with the test project. Generally, the remote developers for hire give this test online.

When engaging with the developer candidate, the technical interviewer has completed and real-time access to the development environment used by the candidate so that they can work on the same project.

The pair programming session helps evaluate the developer candidate's coding skills. In addition, it helps review how the candidate can collaborate with the in-house technical team on a project while giving their best output. If the technical interviewer is fully satisfied with the candidate at the end of this step, you have found the right candidate for your project. This is the time to make a formal offer.

Step 7: Offer

Now that the ideal developer candidate is found, you need to make a formal offer. Some companies prefer to hire remote development team for a trial period extending up to three months with committed payment, while others decide to hire them full time.

As for hiring remote software developers, the legal team must provide a legally valid contract. Such contracts are particularly important when you hire remote programmers from abroad. Such contracts will specify the validation rules for a tax deduction or deductions for healthcare.

Step 8: Employee onboarding

Now you have a fair idea about hiring a remote development team and almost come out of the funnel. But wait, though the formal hiring process is over, you still have an important step left. Yes, employee onboarding is equally an important task.

As part of employee onboarding, you need to establish the communication channels, review schedule, and communication and project meetings. You also need to prepare a detailed list of things the new employee should know about the company. It is also important to designate a responsible in-house employee to communicate with the remote employees and answer their queries.

What Does a Good Remote Developer Look Like?

When it comes to quality remote developers for hire, they are generally expected to have crucial qualities for successful project completion. These qualities range from soft skills such as communication and attitude to technical skills and exposure. For hiring a remote development team, consider the following qualities.

Positive attitude

Good remote developers are not just skilled programmers for hire, but they are persons with a strong will to go the extra mile to solve a problem and add value to a project. How positively they respond to a challenge matters a lot for the remote developers hired in a software project. Do they take the deadlines seriously and do their best to adhere to the committed timelines? To ensure this, one must hire developers with a positive bend of mind.

When hiring a remote development team, some of the key questions to evaluate the attitude of developers include the following.

  • What are the biggest challenges you faced in development projects, and how you solve them?
  • Did you ever find it challenging to meet a deadline, and how did you respond to the challenge?
  • Give us some accounts of challenges that you turned into good memories or successes in your career?

Superb communication skills

Since a developer needs to write legible code and engage in collaboration and communication with clients and other team members, communication skills remain a building block for the qualitative parameters of developers. How fast they learn and understand what is conveyed to them, how clearly, they can explain a problem, and how well they can get everyone on the same page are crucial aspects of a developer's ability.

Some key ways to evaluate the communication skills of developers include the following.

  • Create a simulated scrum meeting and watch their interactions.
  • Provide them with a scenario in a development project and watch out how they communicate.
  • Tell them to make an estimate of requirements for an app project proposal or tell them to give an estimate of time for developing something.

Task management and schedule

When you need to hire a remote developer for your project, you will be looking for someone who is reliable as far as maintaining deadlines is concerned. In the software development industry, adhering to deadlines is the most important and non-negotiable aspect. So naturally, the developers you hire must be skilled enough to complete tasks in time and adhere to project deadlines and schedules.

To evaluate the ability corresponding to task and time management, it is better to engage the developer into a small but challenging project with a short-term contract before getting him on board for the long term. You can also check with other projects in his portfolio and whether he was on time to deliver the job.

Project exposure and technical experience

Top developers generally spend most of their professional time working with a few technologies, and thus they become experts in their fields. This is why when you need to hire a remote developer, always avoid those Jack of all trades. Secondly, it is also important to get on board with someone who has already worked on similar app projects and knows your business fundamentals. Such prior exposure and experience will give you more confidence. Finally, it is also important to evaluate whether the developer follows industry benchmarks and standards when building apps.

Some of the notable ways to evaluate the technical expertise and experience of developers include the following.

  • Check the portfolio: Can they produce a portfolio of apps they built and their contributions in the form of code samples or project screenshots that they made in different roles? Can they show their GitHub or StackOverflow repository?
  • Hackathons: These days, many businesses have begun to hire remote developers just out of hackathons. We often get to know talented developers capable of developing software within just a few hours at these hackathons. Naturally, hiring remote developers from hackathons can be a great way to get talented onboard resources.
  • Checking references: Lastly, you can always ask developers for references. By checking their credentials with their former CTOs, you can easily overview their abilities and skills.

Team spirit

A competent and experienced developer with exposure across multiple challenging projects is always a team player who always helps other team members to perform better. They come to the aid of teammates when they face difficulties, and they teach new tricks to make things easier and create documentation to help teammates and contribute to the developer community.

Some of the key ways to evaluate how the developer candidate features in terms of team spirit, include the following.

  • Check whether the candidate has previously mentored other developers or led a team.
  • Ask about how he likes to help their teammates and whether he would be doing better as an independent developer.
  • When carrying out background checks with the references, check whether the former teammates respected and liked the respective candidate. Check their in-project collaborative skills and how they interact or engage with other team members.

Long term vision

An accomplished developer, apart from fulfilling the assigned tasks, takes a lot of responsibilities and tries to contribute to the product's overall excellence and deliver an exceptional end-user experience. They become so engaged with the project that they have every crucial aspect at their fingertips. In addition, they have a broader vision to excel and create value. This breed of developers, in the long run, creates history with their creative brilliance. You are fortunate to hire a remote developer with such commitment.

Some of the key ways to check their long-term focus and vision include the following.

  • Ask them about the future of mobile apps and the technologies that are going to set trends, and why they are trendsetters.
  • Ask them about the most common technologies that are often overlooked but play an immense role in creating successful apps.
  • Ask what UI/UX design principle he will consider most seriously for a mobile app to be successful? This will give you an idea of how he understands the design elements besides his core competency.

Principal Challenges to Hire Remote Developers

While engaging developers remotely comes with an array of benefits, we also have several challenges to remote hiring and remote team management. Some of these challenges are more meaningful to development companies, and some are more crucial for the employees.

So, if seeing all the advantages and steps to hire remote developers makes you feel remote hiring is a rose-covered path to success, you have missed out on the challenges. So, let us count these thorns in the rose bushes.

Recognizing Quality

You easily get overwhelmed when you reach out to the developers in the wide-open world of the internet. You may experience a flood of applications after a job posting. When you have thousands of resumes on your desktop, making a shortlist becomes a real challenge.

Handling job ads

Handling job posts or job ads across several job boards is energy and time-consuming. You have to check several job sites and social channels for several days and go through too many applications and resumes. This can often create decision fatigue or unwanted hurry, or biases in selection.

Linguistic obstacle

If you belong to an English-speaking country, it is unlikely to come across a great remote developer team in a francophone country. The world is still divided by linguistic barriers and developed, and development companies are no exception.

For an English-speaking team, it becomes really difficult to work with a French or Spanish-speaking client. Though we have several credible tools for regular communication in foreign languages, remote collaboration in a project having actual proficiency in the same language is a must.

Why Choose Cerdonis As Your Remote Development Team?

So, hiring a remote developer team with the right skills, experience and exposure is not very easy. There are too many considerations and parameters to evaluate the candidates. To make things relatively easier, you can always go for a development company with strong credentials, a reputation, and many successful app projects. This is exactly where Credonis Technologies appears to be the ideal choice, with several award-winning projects to its credit.

Cerdonis is a reputed outsourcing mobile app development company with a global footprint and many most successful app projects in its portfolio. With over a decade of experience in software and mobile app development, the company boasts of a dedicated team of developers versed in the most sought-after front-end, backend, and database technologies. Having built many successful apps for all business niches, our developers can create value that shapes the digital success stories of brands.

FAQ In Hire Remote Developers

How much does it cost to hire a developer?

If you’re looking to hire a developer in the USA, the hourly rate usually ranges between $75 - $150. Factors like a developer’s experience, location, development skills & technology, in-house or freelancer, etc., play an essential role in determining the cost of hiring a developer. 

Which countries are the best countries for hiring remote software developers? 

If your native language is English, hiring remote software developers from an English-speaking country is better to have a streamlined communication process, as your company will help you bring your app idea to life. Hiring remote software developers from the USA, European Countries, Canada, Australia, or India is a good choice to hire remote developers. 

How do I hire a remote developer online?

There are many ways to hire a remote developer online. You can visit sites such as Upwork, Toptal, Freelancer, Codeable, Guru, etc. To hire verified remote developers, you can connect with outsourcing agencies with tech talents with recognizable years of experience and excellent tech skills. If you want to hire remote developers from trusted sources, you can ask for referrals or share your requirements on LinkedIn. 

How do remote developers work?

Remote developers work the same way as any developer, with a computer or a laptop. The only difference is that remote developers don’t work from the office but they work from home or any other location. Their work involves reporting to the clients and managing all the work remotely. 

How long does it take to hire a remote developer?

Hiring a remote developer is comparatively easy than hiring in-house developers. Based on your requirements, the hiring process usually takes 3-5 weeks, which includes everything from shortlisting candidates, giving technical tests, and interviewing them, to taking the final call and onboarding them.


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