Build an On-demand App for Online Laundry Service

 Currently, the market has a high potential for apps offering the most basic services. If you are a laundry owner, utilize the best of this time by expanding your business horizon. On-demand laundry service apps can undoubtedly leverage the increase in demand for laundry from online agencies. The business can turn out into a profitable venture within some months. That is why the on-demand essential services such as laundry, dry cleaning, and the like have gained such popularity. 

Since recent times, there has been exponential growth in the on-demand services among people all over the globe. What attracts the users towards these on-demands services is their extensive features and instant services. Over the years, we all have witnessed immense growth in online apps for industry verticals like travel and food. Keeping the business models and smart marketing tactics in mind, laundry services are seeing a potential rise. 

With people busy with their tight work schedules and deadlines, they often miss out on basic chores like cleaning and laundry. With an on-demand app, they can avail themselves of multiple benefits with exceptional services. The app will save their time and money, along with the app offers, discounts, and referrals. 

On-Demand Laundry Service App

The on-demand apps bridge the gap between customers and different service providers. An app for online laundry service connects the various available laundry service providers from the nearest locations to ensure quick and convenient laundry services. 

Developed by enterprises or laundry service providers, these apps enable customers an on-demand laundry pickup and drop facility. The app saves their time while working from home and managing house activities, all at once, and providing services on the go!

Why Are Online Laundry Service Apps So Popular?

In the constant chase toward work-life balance, many working people find it challenging to handle daily activities like laundry or washing dishes. The online laundry app development service aims at providing laundry solutions at the doorstep. This on-demand app relieves people from doing laundry and brings service delivery at the door. 

As per statistics, the global on-demand laundry service market will soon observe a growth of over 96 billion USD. So, if you are thinking of investing or owning a startup in web app development, then this is the right time to develop an on-demand laundry service app. 

Let us know more about the benefits, impressive app features, app development plan, and cost of the on-demand app.   

 Benefits of On-demand App for Laundry Service App  

There is a plethora of benefits the laundry service app offers to its users. It is going to benefit all the users right from the app developer to the professional cleaners and delivery guy. Let us know more about the benefits this app will offer:

1. Location-Based Service

 Leveraging the online laundry service apps, users can browse through different nearby laundries available. Also, the app triggers notifications indicating the users about the available laundry services. It also notifies the local laundries to connect to their target audience and regular customers. This location-based service app bridges the gap between the app user and local laundries to promote a full-fledged service. 

2. Safe Service

While the social distancing norm has taken all over due to the pandemic, people want services that promote safety. The on-demand app ensures users' safety with zero contact delivery and prompt services. Also, this would prevent users from going outside to do their laundry. Additionally, the app promotes safety measures and sanitization checks to ensure high-end safety without compromising the services. 

3. Full-fledged Service 

An on-demand app ensures quick services right from pickup to laundry and delivery. Moreover, the app focuses on laundry services, including washing, cleaning, and drying. The app's purpose solely lies in sharing the users' load and providing them with a comprehensive laundry service. Apart from this, it also offers a spectrum of services for its privileged users. 

4. Easy Management

An on-demand laundry service app dashboard will let you manage your service operations, customers, payments, orders, and earnings. The app also allows the owners to efficiently manage their orders, services, and track laundry business operations.  

Additionally, the app also offers an array of features like My Orders, Earnings, Referrals, and other options for its customers.

5. Revenue Generating Platform

Online laundry service app features like referrals or rewards let the laundry app owner and users generate revenues. The app owners can generate revenues with order commissions from their service providers. Also, you can create deals, rewards, discount coupons, and referrals with real-time tracking.

Essential Features for On-demand App for Laundry Service App

An app for online laundry service should be well developed considering the users - owner, driver, delivery person, and the user. Here are some user-friendly and user-appealing features the app must have:

1. Filter and Search 

Search and filter the service, location, price, etc. based on the user - customer, admin, laundry owner, the delivery person.

2. Order & Schedule 

Fill up the order details, and schedule the laundry pickup and delivery time.

3. Hassle-free Payment

Enable customers to checkout with available and secured payment modes like e-wallets, cards, COD, and other payment options.

4. Real-Time Tracking

Real-time tracking of the delivery person and cleaning order status

5. Order Notifications

Instant order notifications are now just a touch away!

6. Order & Customer Information

Providing and getting complete customer and order details.

7. Dispatch Automation

Using the optimized route, automate the dispatch as per the nearest locations and the delivery person's availability.

8. Invoices & Reports

Get real-time insights, analytics reports, and order invoices for better business decisions.

9. In-app Chats

Hassle-free communication between the client and service providers will help resolve customer queries. 

10. Feedback and Reviews

Get honest customer feedback for your delivered services. The feedback helps to understand your users and enhance your services app features. 

On-demand Laundry App Development

The on-demand laundry app development is just like any other software app development in the market. It involves everything from strategic planning to development and maintenance. Check out the varied phases of laundry app development right here.

1. Project Planning

This phase is the initial phase where you need to brainstorm your ideas and plan on the implementation. It lets you find your answers like your app's purpose, requirement analysis, functionalities, budget, and the like. 

2. Scope

Define project scope and plan on the resource allocation right from app development to go-live and maintenance. 

3. Budget Planning

Once you have a clear idea about your app requirements, you should start working on the estimated budget. To develop a comprehensive app for online laundry service, enlist the most important features and plan the budget accordingly. 

4. Development

Hire skilled app designers, developers, and marketers to create mock-ups, prototypes, and implementations. Moreover, this phase involves working and delivering the development phases with specific features. Hiring skilled ones will make a good impact on your project budget and development. 

5. Go-Live

It is the final destination of your laundry service app development, where you deploy your app on the marketplace or play store. Considering the target audience and their needs, one can market your app to the audience. Once your app starts growing, it will automatically gain good reviews and ratings. 

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The Estimated Cost of Developing an On-demand App for Laundry Service

The estimated cost of laundry service app development would be around 16K to 18K USD. However, depending on the app features, the cost of developing an app may vary. Also, the app's marketing and the platform where the app will be deployed may increase or decrease the estimated value of the app.


I hope these key features, benefits, and information discussed above will help you get an idea of on-demand apps for laundry service. With the market needs, this will be the right time for you to take the lead in this competitive market. Step into the process, execute the plan, and develop your first on-demand app for laundry service. 

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