The Hype Around App Development Consultant Services- Reason To Hire Them

Having a winning app idea with unique attributes is not something commonplace. A great app idea is the backbone of a successful app product. But shaping this idea into a successful app requires skills, experience, and market knowledge. Hailing from a non-technical background, you may not always have all these. This is where app development consultants can help. 

Executing your app idea to develop a sophisticated and successful app, you need to consult experts, especially if you run a business outside of the tech landscape. This is why the so-called buzz about the popularity of app and software development consultants is not baseless hype. 

Are you still not convinced about the reasons for hiring app development consultant? Do you want to know the right time for hiring an app consultant for your project? What values app development consultants can bring to your project? Let's try to answer all these questions one by one.  

A guide to knowing the right time for hiring an app development consultant

Before you try to find app developers for your next project, it is essential to validate the idea and vote up the perfect roadmap for the project. This is where hiring a consultant with expertise on different app projects can play a significant role. Hiring a consultant with enough experience, expertise, and exposure is no small task, particularly when you have limited development time and resources at your disposal. It is advisable to do a brief internal audit before hiring a consultant. Here we explain some criteria to understand when and in what contexts you should hire an app development consultant. 

  • You have an app project with a short deadline, and your limited resources are on edge to meet the deadline.
  • The project requires value additions and coding changes in a completed app project, and you lack the technical expertise to do so. 
  • Hailing from a non-technical background, you need the assistance of an experienced developer to provide a well-articulated development strategy for the app project. 
  • The company needs a development specialist who has the expertise to guide a unique app idea to a successful app product. 
  • It would help if you integrated new tools, technologies, and languages unknown to the in-house development team for the app project. 
  • The app project showcases several performance glitches and a lack of parity between the app UI and app functions. 

In all the above scenarios, an experienced app development consultant can help your app project to tread the path to success. Before hiring a consultant, you need to make sure of whether you can afford to get him onboard for consulting on the entire project and whether you have a clear idea of the roles and responsibilities that the newly hired app consultant will play.

What are the key advantages of hiring an app development consultant? 

Hiring an app development consultant offers many advantages for app projects across all niches and sizes. Some of the key benefits experienced by most app projects include the following. 

Have a product vision from outside 

The most crucial benefit of hiring a professional development consultant is getting a fresh new perspective about your app product from someone outside of the company. Whenever an app project faces problems, the consultant always brings a fresh new idea and perspective to the app project. 

Just because development consultants have already worked on many app projects from different industry niches in the past, they can provide a lot of useful ideas and fresh perspectives for any app project. Whether you hire remote developers or an in-house team for the project, the idea stage involves the most critical aspects. On the other hand, consultants already have a strong grasp of the possible solutions for most regular issues faced by app projects. 

Specific technical support

Companies with a non-technical background mostly summon software development consultants to provide technical support for their software and app solutions. Even in companies running several app solutions, technical expertise and skills with new technology can experience fresh demand. 

For example, for the first time when your company switches to cloud platforms or Blockchain-based smart contracts, or intelligent business process automation systems, you may need the help of a software or app consultants versed with these technologies. 

Providing help to grab business opportunities

In most cases, the app consultants work in close collaboration and cooperation with the in-house development team on the app product. Since they are experienced enough to take into account every minute opportunity that an app idea opens up, they often come with unique solutions and value additions that the original product strategy missed altogether.

The consulting services in the IT industry often cater to the broad objective of detecting new business opportunities through the app product. Often employees attached to the project from the early on miss these salient aspects of an app product undergoing development. 

Performance optimization 

There can be hardly any doubt about the fact that poor app performance is the most critical reason for the failure of an app project. But often, performance glitches or areas where the app can perform better remain overlooked. This is where consultants can play a great role in detecting scopes for performance optimization. 

Through their exposure to hundreds of app projects, the consultants can easily identify all the performance gaps and issues where the app requires technical enhancement measures. Moreover, based on their industry experience, they can also help the company follow the most tried and tested performance benchmarks and standards for app projects. 

Cost efficiency 

It is well known that improper resource utilization, four-correction due to faulty development, and strategic loopholes often result in higher costing for app projects. This is where an experienced development consultant with enormous project exposure and experience can help overcome these pitfalls. 

App development consultants are working sparsely on a project either to create a strategic roadmap or improve the development output, consuming only a small portion of the app budget while paving the way for high-quality output for the entire app project.

Training in-house team 

Development consultants also offer great help in training the in-house development team and IT staff with the state of the art development tools, skills, and latest development knowledge. By utilizing the latest technologies, an app development consultant creates room for the in-house developers to learn new methods and techniques. 

Development consultants can also work as the App project mentors and guide the in-house team through their development efforts throughout the app project. This continuous training and knowledge updates offered by consultants make them better equipped for handling all support tasks in the long run. 

Optimizing development strategy

Last but not least, all major advantages of hiring app development consultants are optimizing the strategy for the app project, from customer-centric UI and UX design to integration of third-party tools to app monetization, the expertise, and experience of a consultant pay off in every regard. 

App development consultants can come up with a detailed and well-articulated blueprint to accommodate multiple tech skills and experts onboard. From utilizing resources to app testing to deployment and monetization, in every regard, they can offer expert advice tested through multiple projects. 

What does an app development consultant do in an app project? 

Now that you have a fair idea of the importance of app development consultants, it is important to have a clear understanding of some of the common roles and responsibilities for which they are often hired in app projects. Let's explain these roles and responsibilities one by one.

App Idea Validation

Despite having a great app idea and your strong conviction that the idea is going to make a successful app product, you need to validate whether there is enough market demand for the app. Are there users who are looking for an app solution to address the related problem? An app development consultant can help you systematically validate the app project's marketability. 

A consulting firm for app development can help you evaluate the idea by creating a small app prototype and taking note of how the app's user experience and interface resonate with regular people with no technical background. This will help you to gather feedback on the app project and its user experience, and accordingly, you can proceed to develop the app further. 

Choosing the right platform and tech stack

After you have a market validated app idea that has all the potential to succeed, you need to choose the right OS platform for releasing the app, the appropriate development method, and the ideal technology stack that suits the app project. 

You have choices like native, hybrid, and cross-platform development approaches. The consultant will guide you in choosing the right operating system platform and the type of app. The consultant will help you decide on the technology stack according to the preferred platform. If you are developing a cross-platform app, whether you should go for React Native or Flutter, the consulting firm can help you to decide. 

The app consultants will also help you to decide on the right development methodology that suits your app project. The choice varies from Rapid App Development (RAD), Agile Development, traditional Waterfall Development approach, DevOps, and a few others. The consultant can guide you if your app project requires an incremental development approach like MVP. 

User onboarding

A credit report shows that most app downloads result in uninstalling the app within the first three months. So, user retention is a crucial requirement for any app project, and this requires a smooth user onboarding after the app is downloaded and installed for the first time. This is where an experienced app development consultant can play an effective role. 

The app development consultant generally develops meticulous measures to ensure a satisfactory First Time User Experience (FTUE) of the app. The consultants are likely to take measures to ensure that users continue using the app after installing it. 

App Monetization 

After all, an app works as a business and needs monetization to ensure continuous revenue earning. But when it comes to monetization, most apps are clueless about which monetization method to work for their app. This is where the knowledge and experience of app consultants can play an effective role. 

Based on your target user audience, market demand, and competition, the consultants can guide you to choose the proper monetization method that works best for your app. They can tell you whether a free app with in-app ads will suit your project best or the Freemium model or the gated features. 

App Marketing

Since the app market is crowded enough for any app to gain visibility and traction without effort, solid app marketing efforts are required to make your app popular and garner enough business to sustain. But what are the most suitable marketing activities that can help your app get more traction? This requires app marketing expertise, and app consultants can also help you.  

These days app marketing is equally a science and a field of art and involves great expertise to stand out from the campaigns of other app projects. This is why availing the knowledge and expertise of consultants in in-app marketing can be highly effective. 

Wrapping Up 

So, the so-called hype and continuous buzz surrounding the app development consultants is far from baseless. Their roles are increasingly becoming essential to pave the way to success for countless app projects across the niches. You are most likely to do justice to your ambitious app idea if you hire a consultant before the development phase. 


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