Why Choose Android For Your Mobile App Development Project In 2023

For several years, the Android operating system has remained ahead of the iOS app market, whether for the number of apps, user engagement or revenues. Since the most significant share of apps belongs to the Android operating system, businesses hiring either an enterprise app development company or an Android app development company always prefer Android over iOS. 

There are also other reasons to choose android over the iOS platform. For example, the exponential rise of on-demand apps is mainly targeted towards the diverse device ecosystem of Android, with the user base spread across all strata of society. No wonder most of the leading on-demand apps, from car-riding to grocery delivery to food delivery, belong to the Android operating system. 

Uber, Ola, Lyft, etc., we have countless successful food-ordering apps across the globe. From daily groceries to custom wearables to luxury car rentals, all on-demand services are available now through dedicated mobile apps. For most of these apps, Android remains to be the preferred platform. The popularity of Android is determined now mainly by the global user base. 

Let’s explain why Android is preferred over ios for mobile app development projects. 

The overwhelming user base of Android 

Android user base and market share have stayed on a staggeringly high level over the years across all categories, app segments and business niches. Apart from the number of users across the globe, demographically also, Android’s share in the app market remains at the highest level. Whatever the country, nation, race and ethnicity, it is Android that anyone and everyone uses. 

But it is not just about broader presence. Android also gets the largest market share in countries known for their emerging economic prowess, such as India and China. Android remains popular, with a significant market share in European and South American countries. In contrast to iOS, Android is prevalent in most parts of the world, where the number of cellphone users is staggeringly high.

Easier to develop and release 

In strict contrast to the strict policy of the iOS App Store, Android Play Store is much more flexible and developer-friendly. This is why Android gets more app releases across all niches every year. In contrast, iOS App Store experiences more rejections and is often detested by developers for its awkward method of using unnecessary qualitative parameters. According to many developers, Android offers a good balance between development quality and release cycle regulations for app developers. 

Play Store has always balanced its approach with app submission and release guidelines. On top of that, as the app publishing with Android for developers gets much faster, this ensures a competitive advantage for businesses. Any company willing to come up first with its new and unique app will find Android the easy choice. The quicker and easier app approval of the Android Play Store makes it ideal for startups and small business app developers. 

Lower cost for app release 

Mobile apps rely heavily on unique and new ideas, and many existing businesses also take on the app market opportunities thanks to new app ideas. But they always have budget constraints for building and releasing an app. This is another area where Android has the edge over other platforms. 

You can bank upon Android for low-cost app development because you have too many great hiring choices to bargain over rate and pricing. On top of that, Android Play Store also takes a much lower registration fee from developers, which stands at $25/per year, while the same goes for $99/per year for the iOS platform. 

Awesome custom development 

Just look at the throbbing and thriving global app economy, and you will realise custom, business-specific development has pushed innovations beyond all limits and made this possible. When it comes to custom development specific to business domains, Android has a distinct edge. 

Android operating system platform helps customise with increased flair and ease compared to other app development platforms since it requires fewer development skills and expertise. With a broad array of devices with various screen types, sizes, resolutions and device features, Android developers cannot help but custom design and development for different markets and user bases. 

Google power 

Android is developed and maintained by Google, the world’s most popular search engine and technology giant. Google offers Android developers every collaborative, communicative and project management tool out of the box. You also have intelligent Google Assistant, a voice assistant solution that gives app publishers and businesses no-holds-barred access to user information. 

With Android, developers can integrate Google’s ad engine and marketing platform for in-app monetisation. Google Analytics will continue to provide app makers with rich insights on users, user traction and many other KPIs. The Google-powered ecosystem offers an unmatched backbone for Android app projects.

Excellent data storage and accessibility 

One of the biggest reasons Android developers remain at ease is the vast and easily accessible data storage offered by Google, which is entirely free. Like everyone with an account with Google, every developer gets a free storage of 15 GB supported by Google Cloud. 

All your development data and activities remain seamlessly synced with the Google Cloud platform. Some apps that need to store and handle a lot of user data easily find Android ideal for their app projects.

It is culturally and linguistically global. 

The “local as global” concept starts with Google, and the same spirit remains dominant with the Play Store support. Besides a so-called culture-specific local focus with its search engine, Google also brought multilingual support for Android app projects. It supports over 100 international languages, while iOS sticks to barely one-third of this. 


So, app developers have reasons to choose Android over iOS for mobile app development. To put it in clear terms, if you do not build the Android version of the app first, you stick to an elitist hole sparring aside the large user base around it. So, develop your Android app first before moving to other platforms. 

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